September 10 - October 30, 2021

AMPLIFY celebrates and amplifies the voices of contemporary Alberta artists with a focus on notions of identity in their work. Four local artists who express their perspectives through portraiture and figurative artwork were chosen for this exhibition – Elsa Robinson, AJA Louden, Diana Ohiozebau and Raneece Buddan.

Identity is a broad, complex and loaded topic. Despite global and social interconnectedness, a lack of understanding and respect for marginalized communities remains a barrier to acceptance, inclusion and equality. These artists  use unique materials and artistic processes to express personal stories, cultural influences, social concerns, celebrations of soul, struggles of human experience, expressions of family, and a search for belonging.

Creating more opportunities for everyone’s voices to be heard builds on the conversation of humanity and connection. A connection that can hopefully continue to inspire the call to amplify the voices of those who need it.

AMPLIFY exhibit brochure (4.5 MB)

Click on an image below to scroll through installation photos as well as individual photos of all the pieces in AMPLIFY.


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