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Strathcona County: Facts and Stats

2017 Facts and Stats brochure (9.1 MB)

Interested in business facts and figures about our community?

Economic Development and Tourism has it all.


Below are some highlights of stats found in the Facts and Stats brochure. 

County-wide area1,262 square kilometres
Agricultural87,502 hectares
Industrial9,052 hectares
Commercial2,078 hectares
Residential18,542 hectares
Urban village* 66 hectares
Park/recreation/natural3,701 hectares
Other: airports, water bodies, roads, road rights-of-way5,679 hectares

(figures are approximate)
* New zoning type added for 2016 – includes mix of residential and commercial



Sherwood Park 70,618 

Source: 2016 federal census
*acreages, farms, rural hamlets


Economic development (2016)

Businesses and establishments in Strathcona County11,000
With employees3,728

Source: Statistics Canada June 2016 – Business Patterns Data


Transportation (2016)

Rural roads, County maintained 1,308 km
Urban roads, County maintained 403 km


Planning and development services (2016)

Permits for new residential units1,042
Permits for multi-family units 89

Value of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential construction

$343 million


Protective services (2016)

Emergency calls responded to7,941


Utility operations (2016)

Water distributed33.2 million litres/day
Wastewater treated20.5 million litres/day
Waste diversion from landfill through Green Routine efforts61%
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