Evacuation alert

In an emergency, you may receive an evacuation alert or an evacuation order. An alert means you should be prepared to evacuate soon (30 minutes). Bring all people and pets inside; crate pets; gather your emergency preparedness kit, medication, any important or irreplaceable documents and items; and secure any valuables in safe places. 

Evacuation order

An evacuation order means you must leave immediately. If you are asked to evacuate, you will have little time to gather belongings so make sure you and your family have an emergency preparedness kit and  family emergency plan (397.8 KB) ready.

In an evacuation

If you evacuate, follow all instructions given. Take your emergency preparedness kit with you and ensure your pet is cared for. Lock your home and register at the predetermined Reception Centre, even if you do not plan to stay there. This is important so officials can get a hold of you to advise you to return to your home.

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