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Sign up for SC Alerts

SC Alerts allow you to receive notifications affecting Strathcona County. This is a free service.

You can also sign up and manage your SC alerts through the Everbridge mobile app:

The SC Alert system is one of many available communication tools the County can use in an emergency/incident. Depending on the incident, alerts may be sent to all subscribers or those that have signed up to receive notifications for a specific address(es).  

Alerts can include, but are not limited to:

  • fire bans and advisories
  • water bans and restrictions
  • snow route parking bans

You can receive alerts through one or all of the following ways:

  • phone call and voice mail (home and work)
  • email
  • text messaging

Other emergency alerting systems

Alberta Emergency Alerts

When there are emergent and significant emergencies, Strathcona County will use Alberta Emergency Alerts. These notifications are broadcast over wireless text, television, radio and road signs. Alberta Emergency Alert notifications are sent to compatible cell phone and wireless devices. You do not need to sign up for these alerts and you cannot opt-out. Test alerts are sent periodically to all Albertans. Learn more about the wireless alerting system

Industrial activities

Information on industrial activity is posted on the UPDATEline, 1-866-653-9959. This is a 24-hour number that residents can call to hear current information about non-routine industrial activity (unusual noises, alarms, training, flares, odours) and get emergency incident updates. The UPDATEline carries messages about industrial activities. This information line is administered by industry members (not Strathcona County).

Learn more about our industry partners:

Answers to your SC Alert questions

The Strathcona County Alert system complements the Alberta Emergency Alert system. Member data is not shared between the two systems so residents wanting local alerts as well as provincial ones must sign up for one or both. In a large scale emergency, both systems will be used to notify residents.


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