Third party advertising

Third party advertisers are those individuals, corporations or groups, not including candidates, which have incurred or plan to incur advertising expenses of at least $1000, or which have accepted or plan to accept at least $1000 in advertising contributions.  Any third party wishing to engage in either political advertising or election advertising for the municipal election must register with the County.  To register a third party, please contact the Election Office.

Rules regarding third party advertising were recently added to the Local Authorities Election Act:

  • Third parties interested in advertising during a municipal or school board election or to oppose or promote a candidate, will be required to register with the municipality or school board they intend to advertise in.

  • Third party advertisers will be required to file disclosure statements detailing advertisements, expenses, and contributions received.

Third party advertisers will be required to know who is eligible to make a contribution, expense limits (to be set by regulation) and all reporting requirements to the municipality.

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