Section 147.4 of the Local Authorities Election Act required candidates to file their Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement on or before March 1, 2022.  

As part of Strathcona County's commitment to transparency, and in accordance with section 147.4 of the Local Authorities Election Act, we are posting a list of campaign contributions (over $50.01) filed by each candidate for the offices of Strathcona County Councillor and Mayor as part of their election disclosure statements. The County has removed the addresses of individual campaign donors and candidates for privacy considerations. If you have any questions about this list, please contact the Election Office at 780-400-3800.


BIEL, Al (1.6 MB)

DIXON, David (1.6 MB)

FRANK, Rod (1.6 MB)

McKITRICK, Annie (1.5 MB)

QUEST, Dave (2.5 MB)

Ward 1

BEST, Doug (1.2 MB)

McCARTNEY, Ray (1.6 MB)

PARKS, Robert (1.1 MB)

WIELENS, Paul (2.0 MB)

Ward 2

ANDERSON, Dave (1.9 MB)

GOULET, Leonard (842.9 KB)

Ward 3

BOTTERILL, Brian (1.6 MB)

HARVEY, Lorne (1.6 MB)

KRUGER, Teunis (1.7 MB)

Ward 4

BELL, Hugh (1.5 MB)

CAMERON, Isaac (1.6 MB)

TONITA, Bill (1.2 MB)

Ward 5

LARSON, Leighton (1.6 MB)

MARLER, Daryl (963.9 KB)

NELSON, Aaron C. (1.5 MB)


Ward 6

DUNN, Alan (943.6 KB)

GAGE, Vaun (498.0 KB)

HARTWICK, Corey-Ann (1.1 MB)

Ward 7

BOHAYCHUK, Dylan (1.6 MB)

GRABILL, Harvey (1.7 MB)

LAWRENCE, Glen (1.3 MB)

Ward 8

ABDULLA, Rahat (1.5 MB)

BERGHOFER, Katie (1.8 MB)



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