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From time to time

The dozens and dozens of archival photographs in this innovative and interactive historical timeline are paired with accounts of local history to help us imagine what life was like and how Strathcona County has evolved to what it is today.

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Credit: Provincial Archives of Alberta B3971, photographer Ernest Brown, 1903

Looking west along what is now Highway 16: Clover Bar School No. 212 (left) and Clover Bar Methodist Church and cemetery (right).

From time to time storymap showcases local history

From time to time is a historical timeline that features a selection of images carefully curated and paired with researched accounts of history. The images and text are woven together with a narrative that highlights key moments from Strathcona County’s past. The timeline was produced as an online interactive experience and as a large print display.

Interactive display

Learn about our municipality’s history using this interactive, highly visual and informative app.

From time to time - a historical timeline

The  app was created with ESRI software—ArcGIS StoryMap—to provide a virtual experience of the images and research. Note: The storymap software may not work with Safari; Apple users may need to try a different browser and this link: . 

Accounts of natural and cultural history, and of our origins as a municipality describe dozens of archival photographs, archival and spatial maps, and other images to help people visualize how Strathcona County has evolved to what we see today. Images were sourced from archives near and far—from the Strathcona County Museum and Archives, the Provincial Archives of Alberta, the Glenbow Library and Archives, and also from a few local residents. Other images were found as far away as Ontario and North Dakota. 

From time to time depicts highlights of local history, touching on experiences of early European settlers within a regional, provincial and national context. The timeline continues to cover the war years and then the oil years that brought on so much growth and change. Portrayals include some of the challenges that threatened Indigenous ways of living. 

“Knowing our community’s history is so important,” says Lori Clapp, History and Heritage Specialist. “When we recognize and appreciate our history and heritage, we preserve a sense of place, a sense of community identity, and a sense of time and continuity."

Print display

The same content used in the app was repurposed to make a 10-foot display. To book the display for a special event, contact or call 780-416-6762.

From time to time - print display (3.8 MB)

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