The hamlet of Deville-North Cooking Lake has 66 residents and is located just 26 kilometres southeast of Sherwood Park and only 4 kilometres south of the Waskahegan Staging Area and Interpretive Centres; the main entrance to the Cooking Lake Blackfoot Wildlife, Grazing and Provincial Recreation Area. This special area includes 170 kilometres maintained walking, hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, Nordic skiing, dog sledding and snowshoeing trails for day use.

The North Cooking Lake landscape we see today was formed by glaciers that left what is referred to as hummocky knob and kettle formations strewn with boulders that originated in the Canadian Shield. Originally part of Cooking Lake Forest Reserve, people started to settle in the area around 1900.

Due to the multiple lakes with sandy beaches, North Cooking Lake was known as one of Edmonton's recreation and resort spots in the early 1900s. It was so popular that special trains operated to bring vacationers to North Cooking Lake Station where steamers and motor boats delivered them to different resorts. 

North Cooking Lake is now a peaceful residential retreat. The community league was set up in 1952. It has provided social and educational development to the community ever since. It was responsible for the funding and volunteers who built the Homecoming Park and Community Hall. Homecoming Park is a 39-acre site with three baseball diamonds, a playground, nature trail, picnic area, group fire spot, and a natural skating pond.

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