Environmental and Utilities

SER-001-002 Surface Water Management and Erosion Control (99.9 KB)

SER-001-006 Rural Roadside Vegetation Control (101.2 KB)

SER-001-008 Rural Roadside Backsloping and Shelterbelt (100.2 KB)

​​SER-001-009 Vertebrate Nuisance Control (32.5 KB)

SER-001-026 Capital Cost Recovery for Water Servicing (598.3 KB)

SER-001-027 Capital Cost Recovery for Wastewater Servicing in the Country Residential Area (18.9 KB)

SER-001-029D Water Billing Adjustment Program (31.1 KB)

SER-001-030 Community Garden Policy (95.8 KB)

SER-001-031 Utilities Guarantee Deposit (106.7 KB)

SER-001-034 Weed and Pest Control (108.0 KB)

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Assessment and Tax

SER-002-006 Recovery of Taxes Related to Designated Manufactured Homes (69.2 KB)

SER-002-007 Property Tax Relief (100.1 KB)

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SER-004-001 Storage, Service and Consumption of Alcohol (97.6 KB)

SER-004-006 Municipal Sustainable Buildings (18.5 KB)

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Family and Community Service

SER-005-001 Social Framework Community Grants (156.7 KB)

SER-005-002 Family and Community Services User Fees, Charges and Subsidies (79.6 KB)

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Planning and Development Services

SER-008-001 Joint Planning Process - City of Fort Saskatchewan (6.4 KB)

SER-008-011 Naming of Development Areas, Roads, Parks and Public Facilities (108.7 KB)

SER-008-013 Major Recreation Facility Funding (19.2 KB)

SER-008-017 New Development Information Signage and Maps (20.5 KB)

SER-008-018D New Development Major Entrance Features (23.4 KB)

SER-008-018P New Development Major Entrance Features Procedure (42.5 KB)

SER-008-023 Capital Cost Recovery for Heartland Roads (354.0 KB)

SER-008-024 Land Use Bylaw Enforcement (20.3 KB)

SER-008-025D Seismic Surveying Directive (105.3 KB)

SER-008-025D Seismic Surveying Procedure (114.7 KB)

SER-008-027 Establishing Security in Developer Agreements (184.0 KB)

Statutory Plan Procedure (606.2 KB)

Subdivision Procedure (144.9 KB)

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Municipal Development - Construction - Maintenance

SER-009-011 Work on Private Property (29.4 KB)

SER-009-012 Street Lighting (10.4 KB)

SER-009-016 Access to Roads Under The County's Jurisdiction (44.3 KB)

Access to Roads Under the County's Jurisdiction Procedure (79.8 KB)

SER-009-017 Traffic Control Devices (111.5 KB)

SER-009-025 Noise Control (8.3 KB)

SER-009-026 Winter Maintenance Policy - Roads Sidewalks and Parking Lots (119.9 KB)

SER-009-027 Traffic Noise (29.0 KB)

SER-009-027 Traffic Noise Procedure (96.8 KB)

SER-009-029 Public Consultation on Dangerous Goods Routes (12.2 KB)

SER-009-030 Road, Sidewalk and Parking Lot Network Maintenance (106.1 KB)

SER-009-031D Conservation and Environmental Reserve Easements Directive (83.0 KB)

SER-009-032D Biophysical Assessment Directive (42.7 KB)

SER-009-033 Road Salt Management Plan (99.1 KB)

SER-009-036D Wetland Conservation Directive (89.1 KB)

SER-009-036P Wetland Conservation Procedures (213.8 KB)

SER-009-038 Light Efficient Community (21.2 KB)

SER-009-040 Traffic Calming (104.6 KB)

SER-009-041 Conservation of Biological Diversity (75.5 KB)

SER-009-042D Tree Conservation Directive (81.3 KB)

SER-009-042P Tree Conservation Procedure (331.2 KB)

SER-009-043 Blockages in Residential Sewer Lines (100.2 KB)

SER-009-044 Offsite Development Levies for New Growth Areas (39.1 KB)

SER-009-044P Offsite Development Levies for New Growth Areas Procedure (49.9 KB)

SER-009-045D Public Tree Management Directive (134.0 KB)

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SER-010-002 Strathcona County Enforcement Services Procedures (26.5 KB)

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Recreation Parks and Culture

SER-011-002 Fencing (7.1 KB)

SER-011-005 Field Allocation (83.6 KB)

SER-011-010 Ice Allocation (11.7 KB)

SER_011-012 Cultural Services (15.5 KB)

SER-011-017 Pool Allocation (6.9 KB)

SER-011-018 Dogs in Parks (10.1 KB)

SER-011-019 Pesticide Notification - Developed Parklands (96.6 KB)

SER-011-020 Playground Maintenance and Repair (8.2 KB)

SER-011-021 Park Concession (10.0 KB)

SER-011-023 Parkland Memorial Program (73.2 KB)

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Land Management

SER-012-004 Road Dedication (28.7 KB)

SER-012-008 Encroachments onto County Lands in which the County Holds an Interest (29.0 KB)

SER-012-009 Storm Water Management Facility Easements (32.6 KB)

SER-012-010D Legacy Lands Directive (76.3 KB)

SER-012-011 Land Management (114.4 KB)

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SER-013-003 Warren Thomas (Josephburg) Aerodrome Operation and Use (27.1 KB)

SER-013-004 Train Whistle Cessation (112.5 KB)

SER-013-005 Road Right of Way Sign Policy (25.1 KB)

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Municipal Purchasing

SER-014-001 Procurement (104.5 KB)

SER-014-001D Procurement Directive (141.9 KB)

SER-014-005 Asset Management (245.8 KB)

SER-014-006 Disposal of Assets (107.3 KB)

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