Governance Policies


GOV-001-013 Elected Officials' Remuneration (70.8 KB)

GOV-001-015 Proclamations (30.4 KB)

GOV-001 019 Council Appointments to External Boards, Committees and Commissions (37.7 KB)

GOV-001-021 Recognition of Retiring Public Members on Council Advisory Boards and Committees (73.6 KB)

GOV-001-024 Authorization and Verification of Unbudgeted Expenditures (28.5 KB)

GOV-001-026 Elected Officials Business Expense Policy (49.3 KB)

GOV-001-027 Recognition of Service to Office (16.9 KB)

GOV-001-029 Organizational Roles and Responsibilities (37.1 KB)

GOV-001-032 Council Priority Fund Expenditures (105.7 KB)

GOV-001-034 Accountability and Transparency Policy (81.6 KB)

GOV-001-035 Recognition Protocol Policy (238.1 KB)

GOV-001-036 Acknowledgement of Treaty Six (81.6 KB)

GOV-001-037 Deceased Members of Council (31.4 KB)

GOV-001-038 Elected Officials Participation in Employee Benefit Plans (36.9 KB)

GOV-001-039 Opposition to Conversion Therapy (25.5 KB)


GOV-002-005 Reimbursement or Indemnification for Action or Judgement (19.9 KB)

GOV-002-006 Good Neighbour (13.0 KB)

GOV-002-017 Remembrance Day Commemoration (7.2 KB)

GOV-002-022 Entering into Contracts with Litigants (22.8 KB)

GOV-002-024 Public Interest Disclosure and Protection from Reprisal (24.8 KB)

GOV-002 - 025 Public Engagement Policy (44.1 KB)

GOV-002-025 Public Engagement Procedures (66.2 KB)

GOV-002-026 Privacy (21.3 KB)

GOV-002-027 History and Heritage (25.2 KB)

GOV-002-028 Social Media (102.6 KB)

GOV-002-029 Communications (31.7 KB)

GOV-002-031 Municipal Policy Handbook Program Policy (42.7 KB)

GOV-002-032 Ward Boundary Review Policy (35.2 KB)

GOV-002-033 Electronic Photo Consent (23.9 KB)

GOV-002-034 -Open Data Policy (77.4 KB)

GOV-002-036 Flag and Lighting Protocol (33.3 KB)

GOV-002-038 Councillor Information Requests (31.9 KB)

GOV-002-038P Councillor Information Requests Procedure (33.3 KB)

GOV 002-039 Surveys (36.0 KB)

GOV-002-039 Surveys - Procedure (64.2 KB)

GOV-002-040 Diversity and Inclusion (42.1 KB)


Information and Technology

GOV-003-001D Information Security (31.2 KB)


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