Department mission

Strathcona County Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) strive to support a strong, diversified and resilient economy while balancing social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The department works towards the growth of the community through business and development attraction, retention and expansion and through entrepreneur support. Our markets include the local, provincial, national, and international business community. 

Core business functions

Economic growth

Strathcona County EDT provides support to those who invest in commercial and industrial properties and the land development industry in order to grow the economy. The department work supports these groups in opportunity assessments / attraction to the community, information about the community, facilitating regulatory and development permitting processing, and by providing detailed information to assist them in making their business decisions. This work is done to spur on business growth in strong sectors, provide diversification and resiliency to the local economy and to provide employment options for our citizens.

  • Commercial attraction
  • Development attraction
  • Industrial attraction
  • Tourism attraction

Diversification and innovation

Now more than ever businesses and economies must explore opportunities to diversify and seek new opportunities. By strengthening our local economy, we are more resilient to economic shocks. The department supports and encourages entrepreneurs that have a passion for innovation and creative ideas. As examples, we provide business mentorship services, information about potential new markets, information sessions on exporting, connection to innovation focused provincial supports among other supports to business, we are focused on retention and expansion as well as foreign direct investment efforts within the department. We also encourage existing businesses to diversify their markets and expand their operations. Through attraction, retention and expansion efforts, we seek companies that can fill gaps in our local and regional market place within the municipality.

  • Cluster development
  • Business mentorship

Business support

Business support includes seminars for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s), one-on-one support, community events which are focused on business benefit, and our business retention and expansion services among others offered by the department. The goal of the business support function is to ensure long-term success of businesses in the County as well as provide support for expansion due to their success. This results in increases to the municipal tax base which in turn allows for continued service excellence to residents and business stakeholders alike. We also support economic sector collaboration by working with organized business groups in various sectors.

  • Small business seminars
  • Business owners one-on-one support
  • Business expansion services
  • Business retention services
  • Community events 

Readiness (Research and communication)

A key component of being able to see gains in an economy is readiness. The department strives to provide current quality market research to the business community. The department seeks to provide useful information such as a retail market analysis, information on future industrial land strategies, demographic information, business gap and sector analysis among other information pertinent for business decisions. We also provide business and development outreach by presenting appropriate information to the local community and the broader region about successes and opportunities in our community. Utilizing maps, data, geolocation analysis and systems we are able to provide a plethora of useful information to those who are considering business investment in Strathcona County.

  • Market research
  • GIS property and business knowledge 

Readiness (Business location inventories)

The timing of finding a suitable location for a business is very important to business leaders. This requires the culmination of property and building availability, proper zoning and the necessary knowledge regarding these properties to be able to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise. To be successful at taking opportunities to fruition, the County has to be financially competitive with other marketplaces. EDT works with the development, real estate, and regulatory officials to ensure we have a balanced supply of properties to meet the market demand while remaining competitive within a variety of sectors. 

  • Business and development outreach
  • GIS property and business knowledge 


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