• Self-talk during daily activities 

Share your positive self-talk. “I’m not giving up even though I am frustrated. I can do this.” Suggest positive self-talk when you see your child is reluctant to try something new. Whisper in their ear, “Estelle, I know you can do it! Tell yourself, ‘I can do it!’ 

  • Affirmation bracelet 

Wrist with paper bracelet "I am strong!"

Turn a blank paper horizontally and write your own encouraging word or phrase.  Add colours and design the paper and cut it into strips. Wrap the paper around your waist and tape, glue or staple the two ends together.  

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Looking for ideas to support your child’s development? Visit Family Resource Network or call 780-464-4044. 

Strathcona County’s Mental Health Capacity Building program is funded by Alberta Health Services and delivered by Family and Community Services. 


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