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Wondering how to best support your child or teen's mental health? 
Parents and caregivers, teachers and community members are invited to learn about relevant issues affecting teenagers and learn about tools and strategies to support youth through their journey.

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Decades of research demonstrates high quality social emotional learning programming improve students’ academic performance, skills, attitudes, level of engagement in learning opportunities, prosocial behaviours and can regulate their emotions and focus better on tasks. Furthermore, students are less likely to display disruptive behaviours in the classrooms and there is a decrease anxiety and struggling with self-regulation and basic social skills.

Strathcona County’s Mental Health Capacity Building program (MHCB) promotes positive mental health and strengthens social emotional skills in children, youth and families through awareness, knowledge and skill building. A large part of the team’s work is reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Strathcona County’s MHCB program operates on a community model and rotates the MHCB team within schools every three-years. From September 2021 to June 2024, the program will be in

Within schools, the MHCB team 

  • role models lessons and activities; building to co-facilitation with school staff evidence based universal programming that increases well-being, resilience, protective factors, promotes early identification of issues and addresses risk factors,
  • supports integrating mental health into everyday routines and conversations and existing school priorities (i.e. embed mental health concepts into curriculum such as novel studies), and
  • facilitates early intervention and treatment services for children, youth, parents and/or caregivers who are at greatest risk of (or are currently experiencing) addiction and mental health issues.

Mental Health Capacity Building Program.pdf (265.1 KB)

The MHCB program is a provincial prevention and promotion initiative that is a collaboration between Elk Island Public Schools, Elk Island Catholic Schools, Strathcona County and Alberta Health Services.


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