Community Centre - parkade and library closure

Restoration efforts continue as a result of an incident on November 6 when two explosions occurred in the Community Centre parkade.

County Hall re-opened to the public on November 21, and the Community Centre north tower re-opened on December 19. The south tower offices opened on January 15. All public entrances to the Community Centre are now opened.

Cleaning and restoration continue in other parts of the building. Alberta Health Services will provide health and safety certification before these areas are open. 

An RCMP criminal investigation continues.

Please note:

  • The Strathcona County Library at the Community Centre remains closed. A new temporary library is operating from Unit 100, 100 Broadview Drive.
  • The Community Centre Parkade remains closed.
  • The Agora and other meeting rooms are not yet available for bookings, and Council Chambers remain closed.
  • Economic Development and Tourism is temporarily located on the main floor of the WSP building, located at 2121 Premier Way. 
  • Vicky’s Bistro and Wine Bar is now open.


Public parking is limited in the area and public transit is recommended if possible. Outdoor parking lots and street parking are available. Check parking options. 

Media statements

About the November 6 incident

On November 6, at approximately 6:20 p.m., there was an explosion in the Community Centre parkade. The resulting fire was called in to 9-1-1. Fire fighters were first on scene. Staff and patrons were evacuated as a safety precaution.  

About two hours later, there was a second explosion. It then became an RCMP crime scene. A lone male was found injured in a vehicle and was transported to hospital. He later succumbed to his injuries. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, the concentration and unknown properties of smoke and soot throughout the entire complex (including Community Centre, library, parkade, Vicky’s and County Hall), the area was closed and turned over to the RCMP Major Crimes unit.  Area schools and businesses were closed to ensure the RCMP team had room to conduct their investigation.

RCMP concluded a thorough search of the entire Community Centre area and investigated the scene at the parkade as of November 15. They reported their findings and returned the building to Strathcona County. Air quality and structural testing were conducted prior to anyone being let back on site – even to collect their vehicles. Once air quality was deemed safe, additional structural and environmental testing was possible. The RCMP investigation continues.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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