Sponsorship in Strathcona County facilities and spaces

Naming rights in some recreation facilities and spaces are available. This option is recommended for businesses looking to build a brand presence in the community.

Locations to sponsor

Sponsorship of events

Be part of some of Strathcona County’s annual events and/or special events as they become available. This option for sponsorship is recommended for businesses and sport/community groups looking for event branding and festival interaction opportunities.

Events to sponsor

Opportunities at the 2019 Canada Day Festival

2019 Canada Day Festival Opportunities
2018 Canada Day Festival: Sponsorship & Community Partner Summary
2018 New Year’s Festival: Sponsor and Community Partner Report

Program sponsorships

This type of sponsorship is recommended for businesses looking to support community social programs, or those looking to connect with a specific audience through recreation programming. This category offers community social programming support to facilitated improved access and affordability to recreation services, as well as brand affiliation with designated recreation programs.

Programs to sponsor

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