Weekend itineraries: cold temperatures ahead

A cold weekend won't stop us

Weekend itineraries: cold temperatures ahead

Head over to the Emerald Hills Sports Pavilion to check out crockicurl, the outdoor winter game that Recreation Parks and Culture have set up. If you’re like me and have no idea what crockicurl is (spoiler alert, it’s a combination of curling and crokinole), don’t worry. Rules and instructions are posted at the site so that everyone can play. Grab your household members to form two teams of 1-2 players each and head over to play anytime during the week from 4 pm to 10 pm, or on the weekends from 2:30 pm to 10 pm.

Cafe Celeste Storefront

With the recent changes to the provincial health mandates, restaurants are expected to open this coming Monday! Don’t worry though, you can still order takeout and curbside pick up from your favourites this weekend. Café Celeste is a local Italian bistro that prides itself on always preparing their food with their original homemade recipes. Open Wednesdays to Sundays; don’t miss out on ordering this weekend.

Massage bed

If it’s too cold outside for you this weekend (which I wouldn’t blame you for), luckily for you, there are other options! With personal services allowed within the public health restrictions, you can spend time relaxing this weekend by booking yourself in for a much-needed massage. With several spas and massage therapists found in Sherwood Park, take care of your own wellness this weekend and take some time for yourself. Use our business directory to find several spas and massage therapists to book in with this weekend.

Pssssst …. this is a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is ten days away, so don’t forget to make a reservation somewhere! We have a feeling that things are going to be booked pretty quickly. 😉


Please ensure that you are adhering to all public health mandates in place, including the masking bylaw and physical distancing.

Enjoy the weekend in Strathcona County!

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