Your Accounts

Access the Strathcona County accounts online portal.

  • Your tax account will show:
    • account status and balance
    • amount levied last year
    • last payment
    • whether you are on the instalment plan
  • Your utility account will show:
    • account status and balance
    • amount past due
    • last invoice
    • last payment
    • status of budget billing plan
    • status of pre-authorized payment plan
  • Your accounts receivable account will show:
    • account status and balance
  • Your dog licence account will show: 
    • account status and balance

Register to view your accounts

To view your accounts, you first need to register. Registration is a safeguard that helps to keep personal information secure. Once registered, you will enter your ID number and password each time you log in. Registering to view your accounts will not affect the way Strathcona County delivers service or communicates with you.

To register to... You will need ...
View your tax account Your tax notice -  Tax Notice Sample (627.5 KB)
(sent annually each May)
View your utility account Your utility invoice -  utility bill sample (179.9 KB)
(sent monthly or quarterly)
View your accounts receivable account Your accounts receivable invoice -  Accounts receivable sample invoice (463.6 KB)

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