County Connect

County Connect ─ a service request and tracking system ─ is a convenient way for citizens to connect with Strathcona County.

Use County Connect to:

  • report a problem
  • request, book or sign up for a service
  • ask for information

County Connect improves Strathcona County's ability to receive, track and respond to service and information requests from citizens. 

County Connect

Web self-service

County Connect provides citizens 24/7 access to submit a request.

Simply fill out an online service request form and submit. Your service request is directed to the right area, the first time.

More services will continue to be added to County Connect.

Track it 

─ with your case number

Stay up-to-date on the status of your service request by using the tracking feature.

For most services featured on County Connect, you will receive a case number when you submit a service request online, by phone or email. You can use this number to check the status of your inquiry or request in County Connect.

Enhanced customer service

County Connect helps Strathcona County:

  • streamline and avoid duplication in handling requests
  • direct requests to the right area
  • save time and effort through a single point of entry for requests
  • gain efficiencies through the system’s self-service, work assignment and reporting capabilities
  • provide visibility on our service commitment and expected completion times
  • gather data for better operational planning and resource allocation
  • support performance measurement in support of accountability, productivity and efficiency goals

Ultimately, the new system is designed to enhance the experience a citizen has when connecting with Strathcona County for service and information.

Try it

Visit the County Connect web self-service page.

  • 1. What is County Connect?

    County Connect is an online service request and tracking system. You can report a problem, request a service, and connect to Strathcona County for information or resources.

  • 2. What services am I able to request through County Connect?

    The services listed on the County Connect service request webpage are all those currently available. More services will continue to be added.

  • 3. What is Track it?

    The tracking feature allows you to check the status of your service request. For most services featured on County Connect, a case number will be provided when the service request is submitted online, by phone, email or in-person. Use the case number to track the status of the request anytime. Did you know? County Connect tracking is integrated with our Open Data Portal. Through Open Data, the public can view all service requests submitted to the County (in accordance with FOIP).

  • 4. County Connect is not working. Who do I contact?

  • 5. Am I able to access emergency services through County Connect?

    No. Always call 9-1-1 for emergencies. Strathcona County fire, police and enforcement services are not available through County Connect. 

  • 6. Why aren’t more services available through the web self-serve and the mobile app?

    The approach to launching County Connect is to offer some initial services, obtain customer experience feedback for any improvements to the system, then phase in more services.

  • 7. Can I still call and email the County?

    Yes, telephone, email, in-person are certainly still options to contact Strathcona County. County Connect offers new 24/7 access to report a service need or submit a service request.

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