garter snake

Many species of snake call Alberta home and they are continually on the move, especially come Spring and Fall. Most snake species (including all snake species in Alberta) are not aggressive by nature and will sooner hide or flee than risk a confrontation with potential predators, including humans.

Garter snakes are an essential member of County ecosystems. They contribute significantly to controlling rodent and insect populations. Garter snakes are also important prey for mammals and raptors. The conservation of snakes equals the conservation of a healthy ecosystem and increased biodiversity across our landscape.

As Spring and Fall approach, we see an influx of injured or dead garter snakes on roadways within Strathcona County, with especially large numbers on and around Range Road 210. This is due to snakes sunbathing on the roads, and crossing roadways to reach their hibernacula (dens) and being hit by vehicles. We’d like to reduce the number of snake deaths in the County, as snakes are a protected species under the Alberta Wildlife Act.

Please take care when driving in these areas; slow down, watch for and avoid snakes on roads.

Watch for roadside signboards indicating where higher populations of snakes are located and take extra caution while driving these roads.

For more information specific to snakes, please contact your local Fish and Wildlife Officers.

These signs and messaging are part of a larger initiative with other stakeholders within the Beaver Hills Biosphere to help reduce the amount of wildlife vehicle strikes throughout the Biosphere.

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