Dandelions in a grass field

How does the County control dandelions on public property?

  • The County regularly mows on a seven to 10 day cycle.
  • Dandelion spraying operates on a five year cycle. Areas sprayed include boulevards and parks. Playgrounds are not sprayed.

What if I’m concerned about the use of pesticides near my property?

If you or anyone in your household is sensitive to chemical sprays and you live near a park or boulevard, contact Turf Development Supervisor at 780-464-8493 to be registered to be notified of spraying in your area or to establish a no spraying zone.

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Are dandelions considered noxious weeds?

Dandelions are not listed as noxious weeds in the Weed Control Act.

Dandelions from adjacent properties are spreading to my property. What can I do about this?

Lawn care tips can be as simple as pulling the weeds by hand, and raising your mower to about 6 cm to suffocate out the weeds. Learn more about what you can do and Strathcona County’s Weed Inspection Program here.

Turf Development Supervisor

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