Image showing a group of dandelions

Strathcona County’s main method to control dandelions on public property is through regularly mowing. While regular mowing won’t kill dandelions, it removes the flowers before they seed and spread. 

The County uses other practices to manage dandelions, including aerating, topdressing, fertilizing, and overseeing. Along with regular mowing, these practices help prevent dandelion growth and spread. 

Spraying (herbicides) is also used but operates on a five year cycle. Boulevards and parks are included in the spraying program; playgrounds are not sprayed. 

Dandelions on neighbouring yards 

Strathcona County has a responsibility to enforce the Weed Control Act in an effort to limit the spread of noxious weeds. Dandelions are not listed as a noxious weed. 

You can discourage dandelions in your lawn by following a few lawn care tips to keep the turf healthy. 

Pesticide questions or concerns 

If you or anyone in your household is sensitive to chemical sprays and you live near a park or boulevard, contact Turf Development Supervisor at 780-464-8493 to be registered to be notified of spraying in your area or to establish a no spraying zone. 

Noxious weed classification 

Dandelions are not listed as a noxious weed by the Province of Alberta. Weeds are categorized as noxious and prohibited noxious when they spread aggressively, are difficult to control and are harmful to people, animals and the environment.  While dandelions can be a headache to manage, they do not pose the kind of threat to people, animals and the environment that would classify them as a noxious weed. 

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