The Invasive Plant Control program aims to reduce the prevalence of invasive plant species within rural Strathcona County, while promoting a healthy and native ecosystem. The actions taken to achieve this goal include chemical control through herbicide application, mechanical control through frequent cutting of vegetation, and manual control by hand-pulling and destroying any prohibited noxious invasive species as classified by the Alberta Weed Control Regulation. 

Invasive plant control

We aim to control and prevent the further spread of invasive species across the County and neighbouring municipalities by controlling all designated noxious and prohibited noxious weeds under the Alberta Weed Act on County-owned-rights-of-ways and public land to prevent the spread onto private property. One of the many tools used by the County is herbicide application, by the way of spot spraying or broadcast application. Near environmentally sensitive areas such as riparian zones and wetlands, mechanical and manual control methods are often used to control designated species and to help encourage native vegetation. 

Biological control programming

What is biological control?

Biological control (biocontrol) is the intentional use of a living organism to control or suppress the spread of another living organism. 

There are several types of biocontrol:

  • Augmentation - periodic releases of natural enemy populations to control a pest population
  • Conservation - manipulating the natural enemy population (e.g. planting certain species to encourage overwintering)
  • Cultural - utilizing other herbivores
  • Classical - introducing natural enemies to control an introduced species

In Strathcona County, we are focusing on the final two forms of biocontrol. Therefore, when biocontrol is discussed, we are talking about livestock (like sheep or goats) or introduced pathogens for the control of invasive plant species. 

Common biocontrol questions

Landowner option program

Rural residents in Strathcona County who do not wish to have herbicide applied to the roadside next to their property can sign up for Strathcona County’s Landowner Option Program (LOP). Once enrolled in the program, landowners assume the responsibility of noxious weeds, prohibited noxious weeds and brush control. 

To learn more, or to take part in the program, please contact the County at:
Planning and Development Services 780-464-8080

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