Smart Bus

Current Project State

We anticipate the Smart Bus technology installation will be complete by mid-2019.

Project History

In April 2013 Council made the decision to move forward with Smart Bus technology. 

This is a regional project working with our partners, Edmonton Transit (ETS), and St. Albert Transit (StAT)


Benefits of Smart Bus Technology

Smart Bus technology can dramatically change the way SCT plans and delivers service and responds to incidents. By providing near real-time information directly to customers, the technology also improves the customer experience. Transit users will be able to: 

  • Plan trips while minimizing wait time and missed connections, using near real-time information.
  • Use web based tools such as Google Transit to display near real-time transit information.

Smart Bus will help SCT improve:

  1. Reliability.  The Transit Control Centre will be able to use this technology to better monitor where our buses are, and adjust service pro-actively to increase reliability.
  2. Predictability. One of the most frustrating things about riding the bus is not knowing if the bus has been by. This technology will let passengers know before they ever get to the stop where the bus actually is.
  3. Accessibility and safety. Automated stop announcements (ASA) let passengers know which stop is coming up and provides assistance to persons with disabilities. Enhanced security features such as automatic vehicle location allows Transit Control to investigate and appropriately respond to unplanned events quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, the Smart Bus technology contains the necessary telecommunications and infrastructure to handle the upcoming Council-approved electronic fare payment system, known as Smart Fare.

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