Smart Bus/Smart Fare

As the capital region continues to grow, so too does the amount of people commuting for work and other activities. Transit is an important mover of large numbers of people, and a key element to improving the transportation network by reducing congestion on the roads. The reality is that, in the capital region, the majority of working residents in the municipalities surrounding the City of Edmonton are employed within the City’s limits. Strathcona County Transit needs to be prepared to handle the increasing number of people travelling regionally in as seamless a manner as possible. Smart Fare and Smart Bus are two tools that will help to solve this challenge.

Both the Smart Fare and Smart Bus systems will provide Strathcona County Transit with an unprecedented amount of passenger travel data.

The information will be used for:

Strathcona County Transit:

  • Better plan for existing and future service improvements
  • Monitor how the transit system is currently operating and where immediate changes need to be made


  • Provide near real-time information to passengers through apps such as Google Maps


  • Provide information on where passengers begin and end their trips – including when passengers transfer between multiple systems. 
  • It is Strathcona County's desire to continue to collaborate with neighbouring municipalities to streamline regional transit services that support our community’s needs.

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