Seasonal road bans

Every spring the weight for commercial vehicles and the goods they are carrying are restricted on the majority of County roads. This restriction protects our roads from damage.

Rural roads that are at 90% during summer, fall and winter change to 75% during Spring Road Bans.

Interactive web maps:

Seasonal road bans

View pdf versions of Strathcona County seasonal and spring road ban maps here.

Provincial government road bans take effect April 12. This impacts the following Strathcona County secondary highways:

  • Highway 630 (Wye Road) to Highway 14
  • Highway 630 (Wye Road) to Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail)

Find more information about Alberta Transportation road bans here.

Image of rural road in Strathcona County

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are posted axle weights?

    Posted axle weights are the weight restrictions for vehicles that lowers the legal registered permitted weight placed on a road. This protects the infrastructure from damage. Axle weights are based on provincial spring ban seasonal rates. View our current road weight restrictions map.

  • 2. What is overweight?

    Overweight is defined as the weight on an axle or axle group, or total gross weight, being more than that allowed under the Traffic Safety Act. More information on axle weights can be obtained from Alberta Transportation.

  • 3. When are road bans in effect?

    Year-round road bans are in effect on all weight restricted rural roads in Strathcona County.

    During the spring thaw, seasonal road bans are declared to protect our roads. Because seasonal road bans depend on road conditions, the dates vary from year-to-year but they typically run from March – June. During these months the posted axle weight on the majority of weight restricted roads is lowered to 75%.  

    Some roads have permanent weight restrictions that are not affected by seasonal road bans. See our road weight restrictions map here.

  • 4. Do I need a Road Use Agreement (RUA) ?

    Do you have a project that will exceed 5 loaded trips to the same destination(s) or project? If the answer is YES, you will need an RUA. If the answer is NO, you do not require an RUA

    However, if any of your loads are over the posted axle weight or is over-dimensional you will need to get a TRAVIS permit. Strathcona County will need to approve this permit before you can travel on County roads.

  • 5. Road ban season is over; do I still require an RUA?

    Yes, RUA’s are required all year round.


Axle weights for agricultural use

Agricultural producers can now apply for a Road Use Agreement (RUA) that will allow 100 per cent axle weights outside of spring road bans on approved routes.

Getting started

  • Call Transportation and Agriculture Services at 780-417-7100 to apply for an annual Road Use Agreement.
  • Include specific route information with your application.

Axle weights throughout the year

  • 1. February - March


    • Spring road bans are approaching
    • Call for approval to haul at 100 per cent
  • 2. March - May


    • Spring road bans in effect
    • Weights will be lowered to 90 per cent initially
    • They will then be lowered again to 75 per cent
    • Call for approval to haul at 90 per cent
  • 3. May - February


    • After spring road bans, weights will increase to 90 per cent
    • As conditions improve, they will be raised to 100 per cent
    • Call us in June to verify approval to haul at 100 per cent


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