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Winter Roads

The County follows a priority system to manage snow and ice on winter roads. High-volume and high-speed roads in rural and urban areas are the first priority. Winter Roads 101 (794.8 KB)  explains which roads are plowed and when.

Stay in the know

When snow clearing is required in Sherwood Park neighbourhoods, temporary parking bans are required. Stay in the know and avoid a tow. 

Snow route parking ban

Snow Route Ban Sign

Snow Route parking bans affect collector roads (priority 3) marked with snow route when declared signs. A parking ban will be declared on these streets a minimum of 24 hours before parking restrictions are enforced. Sign up for the Strathcona County Alert system to receive snow route parking ban notifications by email, text and/or phone call. 

Residential street parking restrictions

Residential Parking Ban Sign

Residential street parking restrictions go into effect when the County needs to clear residential streets (priority 4) in Sherwood Park. Temporary orange Residential Street Snow Removal in progress signs are posted with the clearing dates for your neighbourhood. These parking restrictions do not apply to residents living on streets marked with snow route when declared signs.

How will I be notified about parking bans?

Stay up to date on winter road activities including parking bans and updates on road conditions.

Snow plows clearing street
Keeping you moving safely

Strathcona County is committed to providing a high level of snow removal service throughout the winter season.

Snow clearing in Sherwood Park

County crews follow a priority system based on the Winter Maintenance Policy to clear winter roads. High-volume and high-speed roads are sanded and cleared first.

Priority 1 – Major thoroughfares and arterials
Snow accumulation of 2-5 cm
Cleared within 12 hours after accumulation stops

Priority 2 – Minor arterials and school drop zones 
Snow accumulation of 5-7 cm 
Cleared within 12 hours after accumulation stops 
(drop zones within 72 hours)

Priority 3 – Snow Routes (collector roads)
Snow accumulation of 15-21 cm 
Cleared within 8 days after accumulation stops

To see a complete list of snow routes click here

Priority 4 – Residential streets
Snow accumulation of 10 cm compacted snow (7 cm after Jan.1) 
Cleared within 12 days after accumulation stops

Snow clearing on rural roads

County crews follow a priority system based on the Winter Maintenance Policy to clear winter roads. High-volume and high-speed roads are sanded and cleared first.

Priority 1 – Major industrial roads 
Snow accumulation of 2-5 cm 
Cleared within 12 hours

Priority 2 – Major thoroughfares that service schools and recreation facilities 
Snow accumulation of 5-7 cm 
Cleared within 12 hours (after priority 1 cleared)

Priority 3 – Remaining grid roads 
Snow accumulation of 5-7 cm 
Cleared within 72 hours (after priority 2 cleared)

Priority 4 – Country residential and Hamlet roads 
Snow accumulation of 5-7 cm 
Cleared within 48 hours (after priority 3 cleared)

When do we salt/sand?

Ice control on winter roads is ongoing throughout the winter months. Crews focus on intersections, hills and curves on high traffic, high speed roads first. Lower priority roads and intersections follow. 

Strathcona County uses a variety of methods to manage icy conditions depending on the weather and temperature. Salt is less effective at colder temperatures so the sand/salt ratio changes as temperatures drop. Ice is more difficult to manage at very cold temperatures. 


Material used

-7°C or warmer

Sand and salt mixture (best suited to this temperature)

-15°C or warmer

Sand and salt mixture (contains less salt than above)

* sand/salt wet calcium to help stick to the road

-15°C and colder

Sand only (salt is not effective below -18°C)

* sand wet calcium to help stick to the road

Remember that even when sand/salt are applied, drivers still need to take caution driving in winter conditions. Always practice winter driving strategies such as:

  • Slowing down – the posted speed limit is for ideal conditions
  • Leave extra space – give yourself extra space between the vehicle in front of you


Sidewalks and trails

Strathcona County maintains over 200 km of trails in Sherwood Park. After a snowfall, trails next to high priority roads and around schools and bus routes are cleared first. It will take up to eight days from the start of the snowfall to clear the snow.

Strathcona County Transit Stops

Strathcona County Transit bus stops are cleared in conjuction with sidewalks and trails. Priority is given to stops located along arterial roads and then those located along collector roads.

County owned parking lots

County owned parking lots are cleared following the completion of school drop off and when the snow depths meet our Winter Maintenance Policy guidelines of greater than 5 centimetres.

How you can help

Here are a few things residents can do to help ensure snow clearing efforts run smoothly.

Remove curb ramps

Curb ramps and all other items (i.e. basketball hoops) need to be removed from the roadway between November 1 and April 15 (as per Traffic Safety Bylaw 16-2015). 

Curb ramps left out damage snow removal equipment and cause delays. Please remove all these items and help us clear the snow!

Curb ramp on roadway

Clear your sidewalk of snow and ice

Be a good neighbour and clear the snow around your property as soon as possible. Find out more about Strathcona County’s Sidewalk Clearing bylaw.

Sidewalk clearing tips

Avoid shoveling onto the road – Shovel the snow from your sidewalk and driveway onto your property and not onto the road. Shoveling snow onto the road can cause hazardous conditions.

Keep catch basins clear – Clearing snow and ice around catch basins in the gutter by your property will help the melt water runoff and reduce flooding problems on the road.

Manage ice – If ice has formed on your sidewalk, you can use rock chips. “Chip” boxes are available in all neighbourhoods.

Remove vehicles during parking bans

When the County needs to clear the snow in Sherwood Park neighbourhoods, temporary parking restrictions are required. There are two types of parking bans that occur in Sherwood Park: snow route parking bans and residential street parking restrictions.

Find out which applies to your street on our Snow Clearing Priorities map.

Drive to the conditions

Weather and road conditions can change very quickly in. Follow some simple safety precautions to keep our roads and yourself safe this winter.

  • Slow down. Even if road signs say you may drive 110 km/h, that doesn’t mean you should if the road is icy or snowcovered.
  • Look ahead. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 
  • Watch the weather. Check the weather before you leave your home. 

Learn more winter driving tips!

Winter Maintenance Maps

These interactive web maps are best viewed with Google Chrome. To download a free copy of this web browser visit Chrome Browser.  

Further information:

Transportation and Agriculture Services
Phone: 780-417-7100

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