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Corporate Planning (CP) leads the structured, collaborative planning and reporting approach that supports Council, Executive Team and departments in building aligned, agile plans that cascade across a diverse set of programs and services. Aligning corporate and department business plans with Council's vision and goals operationalizes our movement toward our desired outcomes and supports strategic thinking in our day-to-day decisions.

Corporate Planning enhances informed decision making and performance by providing leadership, coaching, analysis and tools that enable integrated planning and reporting. Priority-based business planning and budgeting tools support the allocation and/or reallocation of resources, based on alignment to corporate and community priorities. Corporate Planning also leads monitoring, measuring, and reporting on progress toward our goals and outcomes.

Department core functions and programs:

  • Corporate Business Planning:
    • Strategic/Corporate business planning and performance (Priority Based Budgeting)
    • Organizational effectiveness
    • Survey development
  • Financial Planning:
    • Operational budget development
    • Capital budgeting
    • Long-range financial planning
  • Corporate Advisory Services: 
    • Corporate project coordination/visibility
    • Corporate business process management
    • Corporate reporting and analytics

Business plans

Strathcona County’s corporate business plan connects the dots between strategic goals and results articulated in the strategic plan, and the short- to medium-term operational goals and priorities, as described in department business plans.

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