Under Strathcona County's land use bylaw, a real estate sign means a post sign or a consolidated post sign that advertises property for sale, lease or rent.

Is a permit required for a real estate sign?

No, a permit is not required for real estate signs, provided they follow the regulations outlined below.

Where can real estate signs be located?

Real estate signs must be located fully within the property that is being sold.

Real estate signs on residential properties shall:

  • Have a maximum height of 1.8 metres
  • Have a maximum sign area of 1.5 m²

Real estate signs on multi-residential properties zoned R3, R4 or R5 shall:

  • Be limited to a maximum of two, five panel consolidated post signs; or one ten panel consolidated post sign per site;
  • Have a maximum individual panel area of 0.17 m²; and
  • Accommodate a maximum of five panels per side of a single pole, to a maximum of ten panels per sign in total.
  • For more information, please see Appendix A of the Land Use Bylaw.

Real estate signs on commercial, industrial, institutional or agricultural zoning districts shall:

  • Have a maximum height of 4.0 metres
  • Have a maximum sign area of 6.0 m²

Please note:

  • Real estate signs cannot be placed on a fence, retaining wall or similar structure;
  • You cannot attach balloons, flags, pennants or similar devices to real estate signs; and
  • Banner signs are not allowed in residential districts.

Open house signs

The only real estate sign allowed within a road right-of-way (public land bordering streets) is an "open house" sign. These temporary signs do not require a permit and must comply with the following:

  • An a-frame sign (sandwich board sign) used as an open house sign shall:
    • only include a directional arrow, the phrase "open house" and the name and/or logo of the real estate company hosting the open house;
    • not be located in a median of a road, on a sidewalk or within a traffic circle area;
    • have a maximum height of 0.9 m;
    • have a maximum sign area of 0.55 m²;
    • be separated a minimum of 5.0 m from other signs located on-site or off-site; and
    • be erected or placed no more than three hours prior to an open house and no later than three hours after an open house, except on a weekend. Signs erected on a weekend may not be placed before 6:00 p.m. on a Friday or after 6:00 a.m. on a Monday. When a Friday or Monday is a statutory holiday, the display dates shall adjust to be displayed during the statutory holiday.

Placement of temporary signs on public property

Incorrectly placed signs may be removed by Strathcona County and impounded at the Strathcona Public Services Yard, 370 Streambank Avenue. A fee is applicable for retrieving a sign that has been impounded. 

More information:

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