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Oil and Gas in Strathcona County

Resources for Landowners

Strathcona County provides resources for residents looking for information or assistance on oil and gas development.

Industry Information
Resident Resources
Strathcona County Protocol
Well, Pipeline and Facility Activity

We can assist you with:

  • information, resources and contacts for anyone affected by or interested in oil and gas exploration in the County
  • current updates on proposed, new and existing wells and pipelines 
  • the Strathcona County protocol (497.7 KB) and Strathcona County's expectations of companies working within the municipality
  • seismic operations and landowners' rights
  • contact with the right individuals within the oil and gas regulator, Alberta Energy Regulates (AER)
  • communication with energy companies and/or their agents
  • problem solving with particular energy issues that arise
  • connections to other local or provincial groups or individuals related to oil and gas development for support or information 

Did you know?

  • You can go to Well, pipeline and facility activity for updates on proposed oil and gas activity in Strathcona County.
  • You can negotiate various water and water well tests into your surface lease agreement with an energy company. Many companies will also do this for your neighbours.
  • There is a surface rights group in Strathcona County that can provide you with information such as current ranges of compensation for pipeline or well leases.
  • The Pembina Institute produces a publication, When the Oil Patch Comes to Your Backyard, with information for landowners negotiating leases for pipelines or wells. This publication also gives a wealth of other information and is available from Strathcona County or the Strathcona County Library.
  • The Farmers' Advocate Office focuses on the interests and rights of the landowner, and provides advice on issues relating to lease agreements and negotiations as well as other issues on oil and gas.

Direct contact:
Lori Mills , Energy Exploration Liaison at 780-416-6739

Planning and Development Services:

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