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Oil and Gas in Strathcona County

Workshop cancelled

Please be advised that due to low registration numbers the Landowner Oil and Gas Information workshop scheduled for March 2 has been cancelled.

For more information please contact Lori Mills, Energy Exploration Liaison at ph: 780-416-6739 or email:

Strathcona County is a hub for petrochemical activity and home to Canada’s largest oil refining complex and North America’s third largest petrochemical complex.

We provide resources for residents and landowners looking for information or assistance in relation to oil and gas development. The County works to ensure that all stakeholders involved in exploration and production activities are informed and engaged.


Learn more about:

Strathcona County Protocol
The Strathcona County Protocol guides oil and gas exploration and production in the County to ensure the least possible impact on the environment, health, safety and quality of life for residents of the community. 

Resources for landowners
Find resources for landowners and information from Landowner Oil and Gas workshops held annually.

Resources for residents
Find information on oil and gas development in your area.

Resources for industry
Find information and resources for industry projects.

Well, pipeline and facility activity   
Learn about active or proposed projects that the County has been notified about within the last two years.


What are Strathcona County's processes for industry?

The processes that industry is required to follow are outlined in both the Strathcona County Protocol and on the industry resources page.

Does Strathcona County have guidelines for oil and gas development?

Yes, the Strathcona County Protocol outlines guidelines for oil and gas development in the County.

Additional information is outlined on the industry resources page.

Who can I contact about an oil and gas concern in the County?

Lori Mills, Energy Exploration Liaison with Strathcona County
phone: 780-416-6739

I’m negotiating a lease for a pipeline/well on my property and would like to find more information.

The Pembina Institute produces a publication, When the Oil Patch Comes to your Backyard, with information for landowners negotiating leases for pipelines or wells.

The publication also provides information on other related topics and is available directly from Strathcona County or at the Strathcona County Library. In addition, the Strathcona County Protocol appendices provide a range of information for landowners who are negotiating a lease on their property.

I’d like to learn more about surface rights.

There is a surface rights group in Strathcona County that can provide you with information such as current ranges of compensation for pipeline or well leases. Find details.

Could I negotiate water and water well tests into my surface lease agreement with an energy company?

Yes, you can negotiate various water and water well tests into your surface lease agreement with an energy company.

Many companies will also do this for your neighbours. Appendix 3 in the Strathcona County Protocol provides more information about water tests.

Direct contact:

Lori Mills , Energy Exploration Liaison at 780-416-6739

Planning and Development Services:

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