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Water restrictions and bans

Current status

There are no water bans or restrictions in effect.

Water restrictions can occur

  • during periods of hot, dry weather
  • construction on water pipes and facilities
  • if there is an unexpected water emergency (i.e. water pipe break, etc.)

Reduce water use

During a water restriction, residents are asked to reduce their non-essential water use. This can include activities such as:

  • not watering lawns, trees and gardens
  • taking short five minute showers
  • not washing vehicles, driveways and house exteriors
  • postponing laundry and dish washing
  • waiting to fill hot tubs, pools or large aquariums
  • turning off taps while shaving and brushing your teeth
  • flushing toilets only when necessary

It is important to save water in your home to help reduce the chance of water restrictions. From making sure your toilet isn’t leaking to using rain barrels to water your lawn and garden, your efforts will make a difference on the water supply and on your water bill.

Often during periods of hot, dry weather County departments have already discontinued certain activities like firefighting training, street sweeping, hydrant flushing, park watering and closing most spray parks. These are important but can often be postponed until water supply conditions improve.

Water ban

During water bans, residents must discontinue all non-essential water use. All outdoor watering is prohibited

A water ban could be put in place if:

  • there is an unexpected emergency with a major water system component resulting in a sudden shortage of water supply
  • there is planned construction on a major water system component 
  • the demand for water exceeds availability after water restriction has been in place
  • storage reservoirs need time to replenish
  • water quality emergency

If you notice someone using a lot of water during a ban, you may want to make them aware of the ban or call 780-467-7785 to report violations. 

It is important to note that Strathcona County also manages water amounts to make sure there is sufficient water storage for firefighting.

Strathcona County is part of a large regional network of water pipes with other communities in the capital region. We all work together to make sure our water is managed in an effective and responsible way.

gr-UT-SC-Alert-Water-420x300.gifGet notifications

Notifications will also be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. If possible, road signs will be posted around the County letting you know about water restrictions and bans. Keep an eye out for them and know what you can and cannot do during these periods.

As part of emergency preparedness, residents are encouraged to sign up for SC Alerts to receive updates in case of serious water disruptions or other emergency events that may affect Strathcona County residents. Make sure to sign up for water ban and restriction notices.

Phone: 780-467-7785

Last updated: Monday, February 27, 2017
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