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Transit Fare Study

The feedback phase is now complete

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and concerns with us. Our Consultant is now evaluating all the feedback that our community has provided to development his final recommendation. We will be using these fare recommendations as we prepare for the 2016 budget.

The goal of the fare study is to develop an affordable, attractive, consistent and convenient fare system to encourage transit use.

Community feedback and industry best practices were used to form the basis of the recommendations in the draft Transit Fare Strategy

Draft recommendations 

Learn about the draft recommendations:
Existing fares
Draft commuter fare recommendations
Draft local fare recommendations
Mobility Bus
Draft new program fare recommendations

Online survey is now complete

thank you to everyone who completed our survey. Your feedback is now being tabulated and will be used as we make our final recommendations to Council.

Existing Fares

Currently the existing fare structure has:

  • inconsistent discounts and price relationships.
  • cash and ticket fares that are high and monthly passes are relatively low.
  • too many senior fares with different and inconsistent discounts.
  • a lack of incentives to attract youth, off-peak and local riders.
  • Mobility Bus fares that are different from regular fares.
Existing FaresExisting fares

Overview of draft recommendations

  • A consistent fare system
  • Standardized discount for youth and seniors
  • Consistent discounts for low-income families and individuals
  • Minor increase for commuter monthly passes
  • Increased fares for seniors who are not eligible for low-income discount
  • Lower fares for most categories
  • New discounted fares to suit various needs and encourage transit use
  • Mobility Bus fares same as fixed-route fares in Sherwood Park and from Sherwood Park to Edmonton

Draft Recommendations – Commuter

Recommendations for commuter fares include:

  • a minor increase in monthly passes.
  • reducing cash and ticket fares. 
  • standardizing discounts for tickets and passes
  • standardizing discounts for youths and seniors.
  • standardizing discounts for low-income families and individuals.
  • creating a new adult day pass.

Commuter fare draft recommendationsCommuter fare draft recommendations

Draft Recommendations – Local

Recommendations for local fares include:

  • reducing fares to encourage local transit use.
  • standardizing discounts for tickets and monthly passes.
  • standardizing discounts for youth and seniors.
  • standardizing discounts for low-income families and individuals.
Recommended Local FaresRecommended Local Fares

Draft Recommendations - Mobility Bus

Recommendations for Mobility Bus include:

  • Same local and commuter cash fares as fixed-routes.
  • standardizing discounts for youth and seniors fares.
  • no fare changes for rural to Sherwood Park trips.
  • free rides on fixed-route services.
  • no special discounts for low-income families and individuals.
Recommended Mobility Bus faresRecommended Mobility Bus fares

Draft Recommendations – New Programs

• New discount programs introduced to encourage transit use

Recommended New ProgramsRecommended New Programs


The Transit Fare Study draft recommendations are based on community feedback gathered from public consultation which began in spring of 2014. Also based on a review of other Transit organizations of similar size as well as other transit systems in the region and province and best practices throughout North America.

Next steps

Following the gathering and analysis of public feedback, the recommendations will be finalized in April/May 2015. Implementation of the recommendations will gradually beginning as part of the 2016 budget process.

While we expect to accept many of the recommendations, we will not be able to adopt all recommendations right away. This will be a gradual process over a number of budget terms. Some will be easy and immediate wins, some will need to be strategically implemented. A number of fare media products will be reliant on the ability to utilize smart bus technologies and this will be dependent on smart bus funding and implementation prior to adoption.


If you have any questions about the Transit Fare Strategy Study please contact Forest Yang at Strathcona County Transit at 780-417-7182

Strathcona County Transit's mission: 
To provide local, intermunicipal and specialized public transit services for the community that are Customer-focused, Accessible, Reliable, Efficient and Safe (CARES).

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