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Strathcona County is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region, with both a large urban centre and a significant rural area.

As an organization, Strathcona County is in the business of building communities and delivering a quality of life.

Corporate Values (668.4 KB)

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we have a strong focus on employee safety and wellness and an excellent training and development program. If you see yourself working for a diverse and progressive municipality.

External Opportunities

Associate Commissioner, Corporate Services

Strathcona County is currently seeking an Associate Commissioner, Corporate Services. This competition is being coordinated through Davies Park. For more information and to apply, please follow the below link.

Davies Park: Associate Commissioner, Corporate Services

Apply online today!

Show only positions that are:
Job TitlePositionClosing DateStatusJob ID
HR Metrics and Reporting Analyst (Temporary; REPOSTED; Extended)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 19, 2016Screening079-2016-HRS
Fire Inspector (Extended)
Permanent Full-TimeMay 9, 2016Interviewing087-2016-SCES
Fitness Trainer
ContractJuly 3, 2016Screening159-2016-RPC
Facilities Project Engineering Technologist
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 31, 2016Active170-2016-EXT-FAS
Buyer (Temporary; REPOSTED)
Temporary Full-TimeJuly 10, 2016Interviewing131-2016-EXT-PRO
Water and Wastewater Foreman - Transmission
Permanent Full-TimeAug. 7, 2016Active177-2016-EXT-UTL
Coordinator, Bylaws and Policy
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 29, 2016Active151-2016-EXT-LLS
Systemic Designer, Community Inclusion (EXTENDED)
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 10, 2016Interviewing152-2016-EXT-FCS
Gallery Assistant
Permanent Part-TimeAug. 7, 2016Active176-2016-EXT-RPC
Assistant Recreation Programmer, Adult Wellness (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJuly 29, 2016Active175-2016-EXT-RPC
Labourer I (Seasonal, 3 Positions)
SeasonalJuly 29, 2016Active172-2016-EXT-RPC
Facility Maintenance Operator II
Permanent Full-TimeMarch 4, 2016Interviewing042-2016-FAS
Accountant I (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 26, 2016Closed148-2016-UTL
Manager, Indoor Recreation Services
Permanent Full-TimeAug. 3, 2016Active167-2016-EXT-RPC
Utility Labourer
Permanent Full-TimeMay 20, 2016Closed116-2016-UTL
Office Administrator (Part–Time)
Permanent Part-TimeJuly 22, 2016Interviewing168-2016-EXT-FES
Administrative Assistant I
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 19, 2016Screening165-2016-EXT-FIN
Aquatic Instructor I (Part-time)
HourlyAug. 26, 2016Active163-2016-EXT-RPC
Customer Service Representative I
HourlyAug. 10, 2016Active162-2016-EXT-RPC
Communications and Marketing Assistant
Temporary Part-TimeAug. 12, 2016Active174-2016-EXT-UTL
Assistant Family Day Home Consultant
CasualDec. 31, 2016Active173-2016-EXT-FCS
Social Crisis Response Worker
Permanent Full-TimeMay 15, 2016Interviewing120-2016-FCS
Aquatic Instructor I (Part-time)
HourlyJune 24, 2016Screening140-2016-RPC
Waste Diversion Attendant (Reposted)
HourlyJune 17, 2016Screening127-2016-UTL
Family Support Worker – Home Visitation (Temporary Part-time)
Temporary Part-TimeJune 30, 2016Closed155-2016-FCS
Manager, Industrial Development
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 1, 2016Screening150-2016-EDT
Facility Operator - Arena Operations
Permanent Full-TimeJune 19, 2016Interviewing142-2016-RPC
Manager, Land Management Services (Extended)
Permanent Full-TimeJune 20, 2016Closed139-2016-PDS
Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Advisor
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 6, 2016Screening111-2016-HRS
Fitness Technician I (Part-time)
HourlyJuly 3, 2016Screening153-2016-RPC
GIS Specialist
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 6, 2016Interviewing161-2016-SCES
Supervisor, Occupational Health and Safety
Permanent Full-TimeJune 26, 2016Screening146-2016-RPC
Administrative Assistant I (REVISED; 2 positions)
Permanent Full-TimeJune 23, 2016Interviewing145-2016-RPC
Recreation Programmer (Adult) (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 23, 2016Interviewing149-2016-RPC
Municipal Peace Officer Assistant
Permanent Part-TimeJuly 6, 2016Interviewing158-2016-RCM
Lifeguard II (Part-time)
HourlyJune 30, 2016Screening154-2016-RPC

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