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Strathcona County is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region, with both a large urban centre and a significant rural area.

As an organization, Strathcona County is in the business of building communities and delivering a quality of life.

Corporate Values (668.4 KB)

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we have a strong focus on employee safety and wellness and an excellent training and development program. If you see yourself working for a diverse and progressive municipality.

Joint Regional Firefighter Recruitment

Fire and EMS services from Strathcona County, City of St. Albert and City of Spruce Grove have joined efforts and will be accepting applications for regional recruitment initiative from January 16 to February 22, 2017. 

Please visit for more information about the Joint Regional Firefighter Recruitment initiative and process.

Apply online today!

Show only positions that are:
Job TitlePositionClosing DateStatusJob ID
Facility Monitor (Part-time; Multiple Positions)
HourlyFeb. 10, 2017Screening032-2017-EXT-RPC
Team Lead, Turf Maintenance
HourlyMarch 2, 2017Active058-2017-EXT-RPC
Labourer I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening035-2017-EXT-RPC
Water and Wastewater Operator, Collection & Distribution (Multiple Positions)
Permanent Full-TimeFeb. 24, 2017Screening053-2017-EXT-UTL
Project Assistant (Temporary)
Temporary Part-TimeFeb. 26, 2017Active045-2017-EXT-UTL
Greens Keeper I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 26, 2017Active034-2017-EXT-RPC
Waste Diversion Program Assistant (Multiple Positions)
HourlyFeb. 23, 2017Screening039-2017-EXT-UTL
Labourer II (Seasonal Hourly, REVISED)
SeasonalJan. 26, 2017Screening019-2017-EXT-RPC
Equipment Operator II (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening044-2017-EXT-RPC
Small Mammal Control Specialist (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening054-2017-EXT-TAS
Weed Inspector (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening055-2017-EXT-TAS
Visual Arts Instructor (Multiple Positions)
ContractDec. 31, 2017Active036-2017-EXT-RPC
Preschool Instructor I (Part-time)
HourlyMarch 5, 2017Active046-2017-EXT-RPC
Election Receptionist
HourlyFeb. 26, 2017Active060-2017-EXT-LLS
Facility Operator (REVISED, hourly)
HourlyFeb. 26, 2017Active041-2017-EXT-RPC
Agriculture Summer Labourer I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening048-2017-EXT-TAS
Agriculture Labourer I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening048-2017-EXT-TAS
Equipment Operator I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening043-2017-EXT-RPC
Preschool Instructor II (Part-time)
HourlyMarch 5, 2017Active047-2017-EXT-RPC
Sprayer Operator I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening052-2017-EXT-TAS
Agriculture Equipment Operator I (Seasonal-hourly)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening051-2017-EXT-TAS
Facility Attendant (Multiple Positions)
HourlyJan. 3, 2017Interviewing276-2016-EXT-RPC
Labourer II (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening042-2017-EXT-RPC
Digital Media Specialist
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 20, 2017Interviewing015-2017-EXT-COM
Outdoor Attendant (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening057-2017-EXT-RPC
Fire Inspector (2 Positions)
Permanent Full-TimeDec. 31, 2016Closed260-2016-EXT-SCES
Engineering Assistant (Multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 24, 2017Screening059-2017-EXT-TAS
Specialized Transit Scheduler/Dispatcher
Permanent Part-TimeFeb. 5, 2017Interviewing028-2017-EXT-TRN
Administrative Support Assistant I (Temporary, REVISED)
Temporary Full-TimeFeb. 12, 2017Interviewing030-2017-EXT-CPIA
Administrative Assistant I
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 29, 2017Interviewing025-2017-EXT-SCES
Outdoor Leader (Part-time, Multiple Positions)
HourlyJan. 27, 2017Screening003-2017-EXT-RPC
Specialized Transit Operator (Part Time)
HourlyJan. 22, 2017Closed020-2017-EXT-TRN
Facility Maintenance Operator II
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 20, 2017Closed014-2017-EXT-FAS
Water and Wastewater Labourer (Hourly Seasonal)
HourlyFeb. 15, 2017Screening037-2017-EXT-UTL
Agriculture Initiatives Specialist II (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJan. 13, 2017Interviewing009-2017-EXT-TAS
Administrative Support Assistant II (Temporary; REVISED)
Temporary Full-TimeJan. 20, 2017Interviewing017-2017-EXT-ITS
Senior Outdoor Leader (Part-time, Multiple Positions)
HourlyJan. 27, 2017Screening004-2017-EXT-RPC
Team Lead/Operator II, Forestry
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 31, 2017Interviewing005-2017-EXT-RPC
Administrative Assistant I
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 16, 2017Interviewing011-2017-EXT-FCS
Manager, Corporate Planning and Performance
Permanent Full-TimeJan. 18, 2017Interviewing001-2017-EXT-CPIA
Agriculture Labourer II (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyFeb. 22, 2017Screening050-2017-EXT-TAS
Election Assistant
HourlyFeb. 26, 2017Active061-2017-EXT-LLS

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