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Strathcona County is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region, with both a large urban centre and a significant rural area.

As an organization, Strathcona County is in the business of building communities and delivering a quality of life.

In addition to a competitive compensation package, we have a strong focus on employee safety and wellness and an excellent training and development program. If you see yourself working for a diverse and progressive municipality.

External Opportunities

Director, Emergency Services and Fire Chief

Strathcona County is currently seeking a Director Emergency Services and Fire Chief. This competition is being coordinated through Davies Park. For more information and to apply, please follow the below link.

Davies Park: Director Emergency Services and Fire Chief


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Show only positions that are:
Job TitlePositionClosing DateStatusJob ID
Enterprise Data Management Coordinator
Permanent Full-TimeJuly 3, 2017Active149-2017-EXT-ITS
Customer Service Representative I (Part-time, Multiple positions)
HourlyMay 18, 2017Closed128-2017-EXT-RPC
Wastewater Infrastructure Operator
Permanent Full-TimeApril 28, 2017Interviewing112-2017-EXT-UTL
Assistant Camp Instructor/Performer (Seasonal hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyMay 11, 2017Closed126-2017-EXT-RPC
Water and Wastewater Labourer (Temporary; Reposted)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 30, 2017Active153-2017-EXT-UTL
Labourer I (Seasonal-hourly, multiple positions)
HourlyJune 15, 2017Screening143-2017-EXT-RPC
Database Administrator
Permanent Full-TimeJune 20, 2017Interviewing150-2017-EXT-ITS
Senior Transportation Engineering Technologist
Permanent Full-TimeJune 16, 2017Interviewing144-2017-EXT-PDS
Technical Document Specialist (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 15, 2017Interviewing137-2017-EXT-TPE
Pension Administration Specialist (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeJune 7, 2017Interviewing145-2017-EXT-HRS
Equipment Operator I, Feature Sports Fields/Winter Operations
Permanent Full-TimeMay 28, 2017Interviewing133-2017-EXT-RPC
Accounting Services Coordinator
Permanent Full-TimeJune 7, 2017Interviewing131-2017-EXT-RPC
Corporate Data Analyst
Permanent Full-TimeJune 9, 2017Interviewing147-2017-EXT-ITS
Geospatial Analyst
Permanent Full-TimeMay 31, 2017Interviewing138-2017-EXT-ITS
Legislative and Legal Administrative Support
Temporary Full-TimeMay 1, 2017Closed111-2017-EXT-LLS
Planner I (EXTENDED)
Permanent Full-TimeMay 10, 2017Closed115-2017-EXT-PDS
Facility Monitor (Part-time, Multiple positions)
HourlyMay 5, 2017Closed116-2017-EXT-RPC
Transit Operator (Part-time, multiple positions)
HourlyMay 12, 2017Interviewing121-2017-EXT-TRN
Facility Administrative Support Assistant (Part-time, Reposted)
Permanent Part-TimeJune 4, 2017Interviewing089-2017-EXT-RPC
Director, Transportation Planning and Engineering
Permanent Full-TimeApril 21, 2017Closed099-2017-EXT-TPE
Accounting Assistant II
Permanent Full-TimeMay 26, 2017Closed139-2017-EXT-TAS
Purchasing Specialist (Reposted)
Permanent Full-TimeJune 7, 2017Cancelled101-2017-EXT-PRO
HR Metrics and Reporting Analyst (Reposted)
Permanent Full-TimeJune 8, 2017Interviewing125-2017-EXT-HRS
Aquatic Instructor I (Hourly, Multiple positions)
HourlyJune 9, 2017Screening135-2017-EXT-RPC
Health Care Aide (3 Hourly Positions)
HourlyMay 17, 2017Closed123-2017-EXT-FCS
Administrative Support Assistant II (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeMay 12, 2017Interviewing122-2017-EXT-FAS
Fire Inspector
Permanent Full-TimeMay 26, 2017Interviewing132-2017-EXT-SCES
Project Field Assistant (Temporary)
Temporary Full-TimeApril 17, 2017Interviewing098-2017-EXT-UTL
Manager, Infrastructure and Customer Support (ICS)
Permanent Full-TimeMay 19, 2017Closed117-2017-EXT-ITS
Control System Technician (Revised, Extended)
Permanent Full-TimeJune 11, 2017Interviewing105-2017-EXT-UTL
Home Help (2 Positions, Hourly)
HourlyMay 17, 2017Closed124-2017-EXT-FCS
Instructor, Performing Arts (Summer contract position, Multiple positions)
ContractMay 23, 2017Screening130-2017-EXT-RPC
Equipment Operator II, Arborist
Permanent Full-TimeApril 16, 2017Closed096-2017-EXT-RPC
Grants and Accounting Analyst
Permanent Full-TimeMay 5, 2017Closed095-2017-EXT-FIN
Special Events Cultural Assistant (Seasonal hourly; REVISED)
HourlyMay 15, 2017Closed127-2017-EXT-RPC

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