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Transit announcements

Downtown construction detours

Routes 401 & 411 – Due to construction on 104 Avenue, Route 401 & 411 is on detour. Some stops may be affected. Please speak with your driver for details.

Questions? Call 780-464-7433.

Take the bus to Champions Cup as parking is limited

Parking for the event will be very limited so it is recommended that people take advantage of a Park n' Ride shuttle service that will operate from bethel Transit Terminal. The shuttle service and regular Strathcona County bus service to the Sherwood Park Arena Sports Centre will ensure that people can use public transit to get to and from draws and the Social House at your convenience. Detailed schedules will be posted on Strathcona County's and the Sherwood Park Curling Club websites by April 15.

During the event, there will be no public parking allowed at Sherwood Park Arena Sports Centre, Broadmoor Public Golf Course, Kinsmen Leisure Centre or Festival Place. There is no RV parking available at the Champions Cup venue.

For Park n' Ride schedules click here.

New GreenTRIP funding announced for Strathcona County Transit

ph-Transit-Dec 11-Green trip VIPs.jpegMLA - Jessica Littlewood, Spruce Grove Mayor - Stuart Houston, Fort Saskatchewan Mayor - Gale Katchur, Strathcona County Mayor - Roxanne Carr, MLA - Shaye Anderson, Beaumont Mayor - Camille Berube

On Dec 11, 2015 the Alberta Government once again demonstrated its commitment to accessible, rider-friendly public transit by providing Strathcona County Transit with a GreenTRIP $10.7 million grant towards 22 double decker buses. These 100% accessible buses will be used to expand inter-municipal busing between Sherwood Park and Edmonton, where on an average day, transit makes approximately 5,000 commuter trips.

As a proud partner in the regional and provincial quest for environmental stewardship through public transit, the double-decker buses go a long way to reducing carbon emissions by reducing the number of both cars and buses that need to be on the road. In fact, independent experts estimate that up to 1,183 tonnes of greenhouse gases will be eliminated each year by people choosing to ride our double-decker buses.

Along with the announcement of the $10.7 million grant for Strathcona County Transit's 22 double decker buses, the Province also announced funding for:

  • Six commuter buses, four local buses, a park-and-ride facility, and a bus storage facility (Spruce Grove) $7.3 million
  • Four low-floor commuter buses and related transit infrastructure (Beaumont) $1.2 million
  • 200 stall park-and-ride facility (Ft. Saskatchewan) $2.2 million

In total, GreenTRIP has committed $800 million to expand and promote public transit in the Capital Region.

Read the full Government of Alberta announcement

Double decker bus program

Commuter tickets have a new look!

We are now exclusively using the new commuter tickets. Thank you to everyone who came and exchanged their old tickets between October 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016. We appreciate your assistance in making this a smooth transition.

The new Strathcona County Transit commuter tickets have a new design that includes additional security features and enables customers to use their tickets on the Edmonton LRT.

For more infomration about the new commuter ticket, its features and how this change will affect you, click here.

Transit is listening - keeping your travel needs in mind

As always, Strathcona County Transit is working hard to take care of our customer's needs. To that end we will continue to monitor the traffic patterns and how construction affects our routes. 

On March 9, Transit customers began to benefit from a new service controller position that will help reduce missed local connections. Using GPS technology, the Service Controller is able to see the whole system in real-time to decide whether it is reasonable to hold back the entire system for commuter buses stuck in traffic or have local buses depart according to schedule.

As we begin our fall service on August 31, 2015 we will continue to monitor its performance while striving to meet the needs of its riders. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Transit at Transit or call us at 780-464 - RIDE (7433).

It is our sincere goal to provide Customer-focused, Accessible, Reliable, Efficient, Safe (CARES) service, and we will continue to adjust our service in order to create a service that works for the majority of riders.

May Bus Passes, Ticket Sales and Advantage Parking Passes

May bus passes and Advantage Parking passes are available for purchase beginning March 18, 2016 at the Bethel Transit Terminal between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pass sales are also available at the Ordze Transit Centre off Wye Road on the last two business days of the month and the first working day of the month between the hours of 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. For May pass sales that is April 28 and 29 and April May 2.

Pass and Ticket Outlets

Also please note that passes and tickets are no longer available at the Transit Operation building on Streambank Avenue nor the Transit Administration Building on Premier Way.

Transit commuter route pick-up/drop-off in the City of Edmonton

In order to serve the needs of our passengers when traveling on Strathcona County Transit commuter routes, the following practice will be adopted, effective January 4, 2016. 

  1. All designated bus stops on the map will be serviced by Strathcona County commuter buses for drop-off and pick-up.
  2. Only stops indicated on the map will be serviced by Strathcona County Transit.

Commuter map (277.9 KB)

Construction delays

Bus service may be delayed due to construction projects throughout the County and within the City of Edmonton. Projects affecting service include:

  • Henday freeway construction: all Commuter routes. Ongoing.
  • 104 Avenue Downtown Edmonton, various projects undetermined timelines.

Edmonton construction
Edmonton construction will have a greater affect on the 401 and likely cause delays as there is construction on two portion of the route. Please be prepared and plan your trips accordingly. No stops will be missed. We will be monitoring service to limit service disruptions.

Note: The 411 travels to downtown Edmonton from the Bethel Transit Terminal and there is currently plenty of parking available in the Park and Ride lot. 411 weekday schedule (9.3 KB)

Henday Construction
Wye Road/Sherwood Park freeway and the Baseline Road interchanges now in full swing, traffic interruption should be expected daily. Traffic patterns will change based on construction needs and the speed limit will remain 50 km/hr in construction zones. These disruptions are anticipated for the foreseeable future.

What is Transit doing?

Transit users may experience delays due to construction. We will do our best to remain on schedule, but we cannot move faster than the traffic. We highly recommend that customers plan their trips to accommodate for these potential traffic tie-ups. Consider taking an earlier bus. 15 minutes may make the difference between arriving at your destination on time or late.

We're reviewing what is happening on the roads regularly to try to stay on top of how it is affecting your commute and to maintain your level of service. We appreciate your patience.

To find out more about the Anthony Henday project visit

Please be a courteous commuter

Consider this, what bothers you when you ride the bus? Passengers using a seat to hold their bags instead of letting you sit down? Loud conversations on cell phones? People kicking your seat? A backpack inadvertently banging you in the head? The strong cologne being worn by the guy next to you?

By being conscious of behaviour, everyone can alleviate these annoyances.

Please be a courteous commuter and:

  • Please be considerate, the seats at the front of the bus should are to be used for passengers who may have issues standing. If you see someone who may require a seat more than you, please consider offering yours.
  • There is no smoking on buses, or with 5 metres of bus door and windows. Nor can you smoke in the terminals or on the platform. Please only smoke in designated smoking areas. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Do not wear strong perfumes and colognes.
  • One seat = one passenger.
  • When listening to music, wear earphones and keep the volume low.
  • Keep all conversations at a respectful volume.
  • Keep all bags on your lap or at your feet.
  • Take all your garbage with you.
  • Avoid eating on the bus.
  • Be patient. Pushing is not necessary. Excuse yourself when exiting through a crowd.
  • Be polite. Move to the back.
  • Sorry, no smoking on buses, near bus windows or opens door. Nor is smoking allowed in transit shelters or on terminal platforms except in designated smoking areas. 

Standing on buses

We recognize that standing on a bus is not ideal. However, due to the surging popularity of transit services, it is likely that customers travelling during rush hour may have to occasionally stand. While university is in session, standing will be more common.

Lose something?

All items found on Transit vehicles or properties are turned into the Lost and Found within 48 hours and are kept for 30 days before disposal.

Hats, gloves, mitts, scarves and toques are placed in the Bethel Transit Terminal lobby. All other items, including phones and keys, are kept in a secure location. Please call 780-464 RIDE (7433) to claim these items.

Lost and Found is located at the Bethel Transit Terminal, 650 Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, AB.

Lost and Found is available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Closed statutory holidays.

Strathcona County Transit's mission:
To provide local, intermunicipal and specialized public transit services for the community that are Customer-focused, Accessible, Reliable, Efficient and Safe (CARES).

Further information:
Phone: 780-464-RIDE (7433)
Ask it, report it or suggest it using County Connect

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