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Summer Camp Registration ON NOW!
Find camps in the Spring + Summer Camps Guide.

Summer Recreation Guide
Registration ON NOW for ALL summer programs.

Fall Recreation Guide
Available Online: July 20
Available for Pick-Up: July 26
Registration: August 15 at 7 a.m.
Swim Registration: August 22 at 7 a.m.

Fall Guide | Summer Guide | Spring Guide + Summer Camps

Be ready to register!
Be ready by ensuring that your Click-it account is updated. There are four ways to register.


Fall Guide

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Summer Guide

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Spring + Summer Camps Guide

Registration – Information forms for camps

Day Camps, Overnight Camps and Programs

<a class=“pdf” href=”/files/files/at-lls-forms-rec27149-dayandovernightcampsandprograms-informationhealthandassumptionofrisk.pdf”> Day Camps, Overnight Camps and Programs – Information, Health and Assumption of Risk </a>

Severe Allergy Form

<a class=“pdf” href=”/files/files/at-lls-forms-rec27013-severeallergy-information_1.pdf”> Severe Allergy – Information (epipen) </a>

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