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Flexible Registration


Can't commit to a full session registered fitness class? No problem! 

Now you can drop-in to our registered programs for just $14 per class. We want to help you fit fitness into your busy schedule. 

Check out the detailed schedule for dates, times and locations here (2.3 MB) .

Classes include:

• Aqua HIIT• Aqua Zumba
• Aqua Barre• Deep Water Running
• Water Circuit• Advanced Bootcamp
• Family Bootcamp• Fresh Start
• Move and Groove• Cardio Salsa
• Cize• Baby Worx
• Baby Worx Barre• Baby Worx H2O
• Full Body Ride• HIIT and Ride
• Pure Ride• The Big Brick Workout
• Adult Swim Training• Indoor Triathlon
• Kung Fu• Cycle Swim
• Barre Burn• Barre Sweat
• Barre Ride• Circuit
• Hard Core• Rope Burn & Kickboxing
• P90X Live• This and That
• Total Body Workout• Triple Threat
• Aging Backwards with Essentrics• Essentrics
• Essentrics Barre• Full Body Yoga
• Get Bent!• PiYo
• Tai Chi• Yin Strength 


Last updated: Monday, October 31, 2016
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