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Communities in Bloom

People, plants and pride...  growing together!

Broadmoor Village Entrance

  • Strathcona in Bloom Society
  • Pitch-in
  • Arbor Day
  • Garden competitions
  • Flower beds
  • Great Strathcona Exchange
  • Hazardous Waste Round-up
  • Composting and Recycling

Purpose of Communities in Bloom

The society endeavors to beautify Strathcona County and Sherwood Park through the efforts of County staff, volunteers, businesses and by encouraging the efforts of private home owners.

Help make your community bloom - become a VOLUNTEER with Strathcona in Bloom

  • Help plant and maintain a community flower bed
  • Plant your own yard and watch our community bloom
  • Compost and recycle
  • Plant trees
  • Get involved in the Strathcona in Bloom Executive
  • Nominate a neighbour in the front yard competition

What we are judged on:

  1. Tidiness
  2. The environmental actions in our community
    • Organic pick-upph-RPC-Communitiesinbloom-210.jpg
    • Recycling and Christmas tree pick-up
    • Curb side clear bag composting
    • Newspaper pick-up 
    • Broadview Enviroservice Station
    • Naturalization of parks
    • Large item pick-up twice a year at curbside
    • Drought-tolerant plants
    • Reduced fertilizer and chemical use
    • Integrated pest management program

  3. Community efforts to maintain and preserve the legacies of yesterday
    • Strathcona Heritage Museum
    • Sherwood Park Natural Area Stewards
    • Smeltzer House Historic Site preservation
    • The Heritage Mile Project
    • Ottewell House and Barn preservation

  4. Urban Forestry
    The management, planting and maintenance of trees and tree stands.
    • Dutch Elm Disease monitoring program
    • Naturalization of park areas
    • Volunteers In Parks plant trees
    • Tree seedlings planted by community groups
    • Inventory and replacement schedule
    • Memorial plantings

  5. Landscaped Areas
    The management, planting and maintenance of green spaces
    • Broadmoor Lake Park hosts major events
    • Smeltzer House is a historic site and botanic garden
    • Over 60 km of Heritage Parkway Trails

  6.  Turf Areas
    The management, planting and maintenance of turf areas.
    • Sport fields and high profile areas fertilized for stronger turf
    • Variety of ground cover, grasses & perennials

  7. Floral Displays
    The management, planting and maintenance of planting beds and planters.
    • Garden beds and planters
    • Over 15,000 flowers annually planted in beds and planters by Strathcona in Bloom volunteers & staff
    • Nominate Your Neighbour front garden competition
    • Floral beautification of public spaces

  8. Community Involvement
    Non-profit groups, businesses and citizens involved in the Communities in Bloom program

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