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IPS Division Realignment

The Infrastructure and Planning Services (IPS) Division announced its realignment to Council May 16, 2011. Since that announcement, affected staff have worked hard to get everything in place for the August 1, 2011 launch.

New department structures have been created along with the lines of business for those departments. The Economic Development and Tourism department has not been changed

at-CPC-IPS-Lines-of-Business.pdf (52.6 KB)

Here is a reminder of the changes:

  • The Engineering & Environmental Planning (EEP) Department has been replaced by a new Capital Planning & Construction Department (CPC); comprised of three branches - Capital Construction, Transportation Planning and Design and Surveys.
  • The Utilities and Environmental Engineering Branch, formerly in EEP, has been moved to the Utilities Department, and is now the Utilities Engineering Branch.
  • The Transportation Engineering Branch, in EEP, has been moved to Transportation & Agriculture Services and becomes the new Traffic Operations and Safety Branch. The Office of Traffic Safety has now moved to this new branch.
  • Environmental and Open Space Planning branch has been moved to Planning and Development Services.
  • All Utility functions are now located in Utilities (operations, maintenance, planning, capital construction, engineering and asset management).
  • All transportation operations and roadway maintenance (including roadway overlays), traffic management and safety, and asset management are now in Transportation and Agriculture Services.
  • All land use planning and development of land have been moved to Planning & Development Services (land development – including shallow utilities, subdivision, policy planning, open space planning, environmental planning, and energy exploration).
  • All capital infrastructure construction (excluding utility projects, but including such projects as new roadways and trails, and neighbourhood revitalization) are now in the new Capital Planning and Construction Department.

Changes to create a new Capital Planning & Construction Department; a fully-integrated Utilities Department; consolidation of all transportation operations and traffic safety into the Transportation and Agriculture Department; and consolidation of all land use planning functions into Planning and Development Services are complex and logistically challenging.

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