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Strathcona County Alert System

SC Alert

There are no active alerts at this time.

If you receive an alert regarding a tornado, this link will take you to the Environment Canada weather alerts page.

Strathcona County Alerts; SCAlertsManage your account

Sign up today to receive emergent, significant and time sensitive emergency alerts affecting Strathcona County. Effective Dec. 1, 2015, the SC Alert system will no longer issue weather alerts to residents. Learn more.

Alerts can include, but are not limited to:

  • shelter-in-place and evacuate
  • immediate threat to safety and well-being of some or all Strathcona County residents
  • fire bans and advisories
  • water bans and restrictions
  • parking
  • RCMP alerts

You can receive alerts through one or all of the following ways:

  • phone call and voice mail (home and work)
  • email
  • text messaging

At times, a busy signal or continuous ringing may be heard if calling back to 780-400-2010 to receive more information about the alert. That is because all phone lines are in use - - stay on the phone, and when a line becomes available, your call will be answered with a recorded message. Alternatively, you can hang up and try again. Thank you for your patience.

You can manage your own account by accessing the system through this link. Messages will be sent from "Strathcona County Alert system". If you choose to receive notifications by phone, the call display number is 780-400-2010.

The Strathcona County Alert System complements the Alberta Emergency Alert system. Member data is not shared between the two systems so residents wanting local alerts as well as provincial ones must sign up for one or both. In a large scale emergency, both systems will be used to notify residents.

In addition to the SC Alert system, residents will be informed of large scale emergencies the following ways.

Information on industrial activity is posted on the UPDATEline, 1-866-653-9959. This is a 24-hour number that residents can call to hear current information about non-routine industrial activity (unusual noises, alarms, training, flares, odours) and get emergency incident updates. The UPDATEline carries messages about industrial activities. This information line is administered by industry members (not Strathcona County).



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