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Sources of emergency information

In the event of a local, large scale disaster, Strathcona County residents will be notified through the Strathcona County Alert system and theAlberta Emergency Alert system . Residents are encouraged to sign up for both emergency notification systems. 

The Strathcona County Alert system will be used to send out emergent, significant and time-sensitive emergency alerts affecting Strathcona County.

Information will also be made available:

  • on the Strathcona County website
  • sent to all local media outlets
  • on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • electronic signs placed on major transportation routes
  • on the UPDATEline
  • possible door-to-door visits by emergency personnel

The UPDATEline (1-866-653-9959) is a 24-hour number that residents can call to hear current information about non-routine industry activity (unusual noises, alarms, training, flares, odours) and get emergency incident updates. The UPDATEline carries messages about activities in the areas of North Strathcona, Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon and Lamont and for Sherwood Park and East Edmonton. Homeowners in all areas of Strathcona County can access the UPDATEline.

Other places to receive disaster information include:

Are you prepared to be self-sufficient in your home for up to 72 hours?

Further information


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