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SCES Fire Chief Unit Citation Medal presentation

ph-sces-firechiefunitcitationmedal-110x150.jpgStrathcona County Emergency Services (SCES) Fire Chief Unit Citation Medal was created by Fire Chief Reid as part of the newly developed SCES Medal Program. The Fire Chief Unit Citation Medal is awarded to SCES staff or those working directly with SCES staff in the outstanding performance of duties in the response to exceptional emergency events, representing our community, department and staff with demonstrated professionalism.

On December 12, 2013, the following members were acknowledged for their involvement in the 2012 Woodbridge Farms fire.

  • Platoon Chief Todd Nixon
  • Captain Brad Boychuk
  • Lieutenants Todd Barrett, Scott French, Chad Granger, Jake Pace, Russ Bubenko and Angela Schewaga
  • Qualified Officer Kari-Lynn Bouchard
  • Firefighters Steven Gregersen, Mike Suchy, Dean Brodt, Ryan Woodland, Jesse Dryland, John-Paul Hawkins, Jason Damery, Steven Cayenne, Drew Jackson and Mitch Dempsey
  • Emergency Communications Operator Michelle Dolinski and Alex Rudland

Fire Chief Unit Citation award recipients:

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