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Affordable Housing Plan

An Affordable Housing Plan was approved by Strathcona County Council on Tuesday, January 29, 2008.

The plan is based on a comprehensive affordable housing needs assessment that included roundtable reviews by representatives of non-profit associations and building associations.

Affordable Housing Report-January 21, 2008 (487.6 KB)

Affordable Housing Implementation Committee - Final Report, November 8, 2011 (189.0 KB)

Council Reports

Council Report 14.2 Affordable Housing Plan (41.7 KB)

News Releases

Funding for Habitat for Humanity duplex in Strathcona County July 2011

Grant funding

Strathcona County Secondary Suites Grant Program
To support the Affordable Housing Plan, the Strathcona County Secondary Suites Grant Program offers funding to residents who create or renovate a secondary suite in their home within the grant eligibility requirements.

Learn more about secondary suites and the grant program

Further information

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