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Review your property assessment

The Property Assessment Mapping tool is an interactive, Geographic Information System (GIS) based tool. It allows you to access and review assessment information, compare properties and generate a Property Summary Report and Property Comparison Report of up to six properties at a time.

Please ensure your browser view is set at 100% to have the Mapping Tool perform correctly. Change this setting by clicking "View" from the Tool Bar and selecting Zoom at 100%.

To begin using the tool, choose the Address Search, Advance Search, or Zoom in to location, on the right side of the screen. 

Start using the assessment tool

Tip sheet (144.1 KB)

Through your search, geographic data is mapped and displayed, giving you a visually realistic picture of the property. You can also connect easily to the “Google” street view of the property area. 

Property assessment information includes:

  • Property address
  • Legal description
  • Parcel area
  • Current assessment
  • Assessment class (e.g., residential)
  • Building description
  • Year built
  • Approximate living area

If you have questions about your assessment, enter an Assessment Clarification request in County Connect and an assessor will contact you.


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