Sump pump discharge in the Summer

A sump pump is an important part of your home's outdoor drainage system. Below are some tips to help keep your sump pump in good working order.

  • If you have a sump pump discharge hose, check it regularly to ensure that it is connected and flows away from your foundation.
  • Your hose should be sloped so the water drains out and does not sit inside the hose. If you are connected to an underground system, check the riser unit for signs of water from the overflow which may indicate a blockage.
  • Move the sump pump discharge hose so it is directed at least 1.5 metres away from the foundation. The sump pump discharge hose or piping must be a minimum of 7.5 metres back from the curb line. Water draining from sump pumps can cause algae and staining on sidewalks in the summer months.
  • Make sure the grading on you house is positive and drains the water away from your foundation. This will help reduce water from flowing back down your foundation, and having to be continually pumped out by your sump pump. This can damage your sump pump which can result in basement flooding.
  • If you have a discharge hose, make sure you check it often to be sure it drains properly.
  • Be considerate - make sure the water from your discharge hose does not cause water pooling on a neighbour's property.


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