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Assessment and Tax Notice

Annual Assessment and Tax Notices are mailed in mid May and taxes are due the last business day of June.

The tax year is January 1 – December 31.

If you do not receive your notice, please contact the Assessment and Tax Department. Failure to receive a tax notice or loss of a tax notice will not be accepted as a reason for late payment.

More information:
Phone: 780-464-8196

Congratulations on purchasing your new home!

As a new homeowner in Strathcona County, there are a number of questions that you may have regarding property taxes, especially if this is your first property purchase. The following is designed to provide you with some general information about property taxes that many new homeowners ask.

When will I receive a tax bill?

Strathcona County mails annual Assessment and Tax Notices in May of each year. The due date for property taxes is always the last business day in June.

For new properties Supplementary Tax Notices may also be issued and may have a different due date.

Can I pay tax bills by Pre-Authorized Payments?

Property owners have the option of enrolling in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP).

If you sold a property and purchased a new property, please be sure to cancel the payment arrangement on your old property. The pre-authorized program is not transferrable to another property, so you will need to apply for the program on the new property. 

Can I pay my property tax bills through my bank or financial institution?

You can make property tax payments online, through telephone banking or in person at your financial institution. Your account number will be your property tax roll number, which can be found on your tax notice or school support form.

Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach our office by the due date. You can check with your financial institution as to how many days are required to pay in advance in order for payments to reach our office by the due date.

My mortgage company is paying my property taxes. What should I do?

If your taxes are going to be paid by your mortgage company and you have received a tax bill or a property tax statement, forward your statement to them or contact your mortgage company to confirm if they are making payments. If your mortgage company is going to pay your future taxes, they need to make arrangements with Strathcona County to receive future notices.

Are my taxes paid in full?

Please go to "Your Accounts" and register with your ID number (appears on all utility and tax notices). Once registered, you can view the financial status of your tax account anytime.

Can I change my school support?

School support notices are sent to all new owners or as requested.

Where can I find additional Property Tax information?

More detailed information can be found on our property tax and assessment page.



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