2017 Assessment and Tax Fees and Charges

Complaint filing fee per roll number
 Other fees 
Property assessment & tax search$20.00
Tax certificate $40.00
Tax account history$50.00
Returned payment service charge$25.00

Tax roll account correction (per roll number)


Payment correction - per occurrence $5.00
Tax recovery (per property) Div. 8 and 8.1 Municipal Government Act$600.00
Reproduction of assessment & tax notice$20.00
Assessment Summary Requests (Section 300, MGA) per roll number$25.00

Request for miscellaneous Assessment and Tax information

Charge per hour: $60.00      Minimum fee: $30,00

Tax instalment payment plan (TIPP) for applications received after December 15 deadline$25.00

Related Bylaw

Bylaw 45-2016: 2017 Fees, Rates and Charges

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