The following tips will help you reduce odours and pests that can come with warmer weather:

  • Store your carts in shaded or covered areas
  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda, powdered lime or bleach-free laundry detergent at the bottom of the cart
  • Alternate between wet and dry organic materials to layer your cart
  • Wrap wet or smelly materials in paper bags or soiled boxes
  • Clean out your refrigerator or freezer right before organics collection

Pest control

Preventing fruit flies

  • Fruit flies lay eggs on ripe fruit and vegetables; cover organic materials in your cart to prevent fruit flies
  • Cover kitchen scraps with grass, soiled paper or newspaper
  • Clean your sink drains and washcloths often
  • Place ice down your drain to discourage fruit flies
  • Place a small amount of dish soap and vinegar in a cup and stir them together. Leave the cup on your counter to attract and kill fruit flies.

Preventing maggots and black flies

While it is difficult to completely eliminate flies and maggots, here are some tips to reduce their numbers:

  • Cover food waste such as meat, pet food and kitchen scraps, with materials such as pizza boxes, newspaper or grass clippings
  • Layer your organics cart by alternating between wet and dry materials
  • Sprinkle the rim of your cart with baking soda, vinegar, salt or lime
  • Store your carts in shaded or covered areas
  • Keep the lid of your cart closed at all times
  • Set your cart out on collection day even if it is not full
  • Essential oils like citronella and tea tree oil are natural insect repellents. Try using these oils on your cart lids.
  • Regularly wash out your cart.

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