Green organics cart

Collecting organics for composting is an important part of the waste collection service in Strathcona County. Organics make up approximately 52 per cent of household waste. Organic materials can be defined as something that was once living.

The green organics cart, provided by the County, is meant to collect organics only. This is not a composter. The materials collected inside the green organics cart will be sent to a commercial composter site for composting.

Backyard composter

Many Strathcona County resident use a backyard composter to make their own compost for their yard and garden. Household organics such as vegetable and fruit peelings are placed in the backyard composter where they break down into nutrient-rich soil.

We encourage you to continue your backyard composting. However, it is important to know that the green organics cart can take many materials that cannot be handled by the typical backyard composter. These include:

  • bread and baked goods
  • cheese and other dairy products
  • fish and fish remains
  • grease
  • meat products and bones
  • oily, fatty foods
  • sauces and spreads
  • soiled paper products
  • toothpicks and popsicle sticks
  • paper napkins, plates and cups
  • pasta
  • soiled tissue
  • hair
  • rice
  • soiled pizza boxes

These materials will not properly compost in a backyard pile and some can even attract unwanted pests.



Green organics cart Example of a backyard composter



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