Are you using the right bag?

Make sure you are using Certified compostable bags for your organics. Look for the logo! Acceptable compostable bags will have the logo on the packaging (see below for a picture).
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In order to prevent materials from sticking, you may line your green catcher with a paper bag or compostable bag. This is entirely optional. However, if you wish to line your green catcher with a bag, it must be a paper or certified compostable bag. You can also use newspaper to line your green catcher.

Certified compostable bags can be purchased at most grocery or home hardware stores. Quantity and availability of bags may vary by store. 

Compostable versus biodegradable

Acceptable compostable bags:

Biodegradable bags:

  • are made from a food by-product such as corn starch and break down into compost

  • are usually opaque and feel softer than than plastic bags

  • have a certified compostable logo. Always check for the logo. 

Image of the compostable logo; a black circle including a leaf and an arrow shaped like a fir tree.
  • are made with plastic that breaks down into small pieces but does not decompose

  • contaminate the final compost, making  the whole batch un-usable

  • can be used for waste in the black  waste cart, but not the green organics cart





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