Residential snow clearing

Starts Wednesday, Dec. 5

Residential snow clearing is complete

All residential roads have been cleared and residents are free to park on the street again. Thank you for your cooperation with snow clearing efforts.

View the completed residential clearing schedule

Please remove all vehicles from the road during your neighbourhood’s posted timeframe, or you will be towed and fined. During residential snow clearing, you can park your vehicle on collector roads marked with "snow route when declared" signs.

Parking will be permitted on residential roads again once snow is windowed and removed from the street.


  • 1. When will you be clearing the snow in my neighbourhood?

    We can’t tell you the exact date or time, but we have a schedule that outlines the residential snow clearing order. Orange signs are also posted at neighbourhood entrances with a date range.



  • 2. How long will it take?

    The entire residential snow removal process will be completed within five days (by December 10). If there is snowfall during the process, and crews must attend to roads with higher traffic volumes, clearing in the residential areas will be delayed.

  • 3. How much notification will I get prior to street cleaning?

    Large orange signs will be placed in your neighbourhood before snow clearing is scheduled to take place. These signs will include a date range for snow clearing dates when parking is not permitted.

  • 4. How did you determine the order of which streets get cleared first?

    The main consideration for determining the order included coordinating around neighbourhood garbage collection days.

  • 5. What time of day will you be working?

    Snow route and residential snow clearing is always a 24/7 job in order to clear all the snow within our policy timeframes and ensure safe travel for residents. It would otherwise take twice as long. We know it can be a disruption, and we appreciate your understanding.

  • 6. Will there be a parking ban?

    Parking will be restricted on your street in order to allow for the large equipment to plow, pick up and haul away the snow. It’s also important that vehicles are not parked next to windrows to allow emergency vehicles to get through. Watch for large orange signs that state “Residential Street Snow Removal in Progress posted at entrances to your neighbourhood. The signs will display the date range that parking is not permitted.

  • 7. When can I park on my street again?

    You are free to park on your street after the snow has been windrowed and removed and the signs are gone. Please do not park on the street next to windrows or you will be towed and fined.

  • 8. What happens if I forget to move my car?

    Vehicles parked on residential roads when snow clearing is scheduled to take place will be towed, and the owner will be issued a $250 ticket.

  • 9. My car has been towed; where is it?

    Vehicles will be towed to the closest non-residential (collector) road. If you cannot find your vehicle, please contact Enforcement Services at 780-467-7741.


  • 10. What should I do if waste collection is scheduled for the same day as snow clearing?

    Please place your roll-out cart at the end of your driveway and not on the road or sidewalk.

Last updated: Monday, December 17, 2018
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