Ice control

Winter reminders

Remove curb ramps and other obstructions from the road by November 1 or you may receive a fine. Learn more about curb ramps

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Strathcona County crews monitor road conditions 24/7 to address icy conditions. High-traffic, high-speed roads are the first priority.

Sanding truck parked next to sand pile

Strathcona County uses a variety of methods to manage icy conditions depending on the weather and temperature. These include salt, sand, rock chips and anti-icing solution.

Temperature and material used

Ice is more difficult to manage at very cold temperatures. As the temperature drops, the sand/salt ratio changes.

  • -7°C or warmer – Sand and salt mixture (best suited to this temperature)
  • -15°C or warmer – Sand and salt mixture (contains less salt than above) 
    • Can include wet calcium to help stick to the road
  • -9°C to -29°C – Anti-icing solution
    • Applied prior to a snowfall on select intersections and roadways
  • -15°C and colder – Sand only (salt is not effective below -18°C)
    • Can include wet calcium to help stick to the road
  • Rock chips are used to manage icy conditions on priority 4 residential roads in Sherwood Park and in County-owned parking lots.

Always drive to the conditions

Depending on the temperature and wind conditions, ice control methods are not always effective. Please note that even when sand, salt, anti-icing products or rock chips are applied, drivers still need to take caution driving in winter conditions.

Always practice winter driving strategies such as:

  • Slow down – the posted speed limit is for ideal conditions
  • Leave extra space – give yourself extra space between the vehicle in front of you
  • Give yourself time – your daily commute could take twice as long to drive safely in winter conditions

Last updated: Wednesday, November 07, 2018
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