Cars, large trucks, motorcycles and bicycles travel on our roads daily. Let’s watch for other types of vehicles and share the road safely.

Strathcona County is committed to ensure its road safety planning, education and enforcement strategies create a safe transportation experience for all.


While motorcycles can be a fun, fuel efficient way to travel, motorcyclists are very vulnerable road users. All drivers play a large role in motorcycle safety. Look out for bikers on the road and give them lots of space.

Tips for vehicle drivers

Share the road.

  • Do not drive distracted or impaired.
  • Take the time to check blind spots and mirrors.
  • Seasonal conditions, such as sun glare, can make a motorcycle hard to see. Take the extra time to look twice.
  • Never underestimate the speed of a motorcycle. Their size makes their speed deceptive.

Tips for motorcycle riders

  • Wear all proper safety riding attire, such as reflective materials.
  • Do not drive distracted or impaired.
  • Avoid riding in the blind spots of other vehicles.
  • Stay sharp and scan the road for hazards.


Every year, dozens of motorcycle riders lose their lives in Alberta. According to the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society, there were 20 deaths in motorcycle collisions in 2021 across Alberta, with 80% of motorcycle collisions over the past two years occurring in rural areas. (Do we have a link to learn more?) We all play a role in road safety. Let’s watch for one another and share the road safely.

Commercial vehicles (trucks and buses)

Trucks are not just large cars. Share the road and give commercial vehicles the room they need to operate safety.

Large commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks, ploughs and buses, all have large blind spots. Look out for your own safety and stay out of the “NO-ZONES”.

Diagram showing the "NO-ZONES" or blind spots of semi-trucks

Trucks make wide turns. They often need to move into adjacent lanes prior to, and after, a turning maneuver to avoid driving over a curb or sidewalk or hitting a car in an opposing travel lane.

Image showing what can happen if you try to pass a turning semi on the right hand side

Watch for the truck's turn signal to see what the driver intends to do.

Tips for other drivers


  • drivers may fail to signal or the trailer signal light may be broken.
  • Never attempt to cut in along the right side as the driver turns left or you may become sandwiched between the turning truck and the curb.

Reminders for commercial vehicle drivers

  • Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained.
  • Do not operate commercial vehicles when feeling tired – it could save your life or someone else’s!


Cycling in Strathcona County is regulated by Alberta's Traffic Safety Act and Vehicle Equipment Regulation. According to these regulations:

  • Cyclists have the right to ride on roads or shoulders of County roads and provincial highways.
  • Motorists must help protect the safety and vulnerability of cyclists through safe passing distances and practices.

Learn about the roles drivers and cyclist play in keeping our roads safe for all.

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